Chapter 198: A great shift in power (pt. 3)


Silence descended upon the Lord’s hall of the Laputa territory.

Even though Kang Chul-In was quite famous for having a reckless and bad personality, he hadn’t ever been this violent.

“M-Milord, may I say something?”

Kwak-Jung said.

“Very well.”

Kang Chul-In nodded.

“W-Well… Uhh…”

“Speak more confidently.”


“It’s okay, I won’t harm you.”

Kang Chul-In said, laughing.

I bet he’s shocked.

Kang Chul-In could tell what Kwak-Jung was thinking right now.

Even though Kang Chul-In had been quite reckless at times, he hadn’t ever done something without thinking about it. He always thought about it for a while before carrying something out into action.

So, it made sense that Kwak-Jung and the other subordinates were shocked when Kang Chul-In killed the envoy that had come.

“Milord… even though there’s no point in arguing since you've already killed that woman… If you kill a messenger that’s come from another territory…”

“You’re trying to say things like this can lead to wars, right?”


Kang Chul-In nodded.

Inwardly, Kwak-Jung started to scream.

Then why would you do that if you know what would happen? What were you thinking!?

“The way that other Lords look at me, not just Albrecht Vihelm, will change. Who else would send a messenger to me when I just chopped the head off of Albrecht Vilhelm’s envoy?”

“...That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

As expected, Kang Chul-In knew exactly what he had done.

“But, it’s not my fault.”


“It’s her fault.”

Kang Chul-In pointed at Minerva’s dead body.


Kwak-Jung went silent, unable to comprehend the meaning of Kang Chul-In’s words.

“Well, who told her that she should be an envoy? It’s a job where one can die easily, after all.”


“It seems like there wasn’t anyone that told her that she can easily lose her life.”


Listening to these words, Kwak-Jung’s body shook as he tried his absolute best to stay calm.

To be honest, what Kang Chul-In had said wasn’t wrong.

From a long time ago, being a messenger and an envoy had high risks involved in it. Even in movies, there were many instances where the envoy or the messenger’s head was cut off as a signal or meaning of declaring war.


Kwak-Jung had to give up.

“Well, I’m sure there's a hidden meaning behind Milord’s…”

“No, not really.”


“I just didn’t like the way she looked. That’s it.”


“Anyway, just keep the head, and clean everything else up.”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In sat back down on his throne as if nothing had occurred.

It was an unbelievable movement for someone that had just killed a beautiful woman because he felt like it.


Due to this, the subordinates and officials of Laputa were wondering why Kang Chul-In had just done that. 

Is it a sort of warning?

I heard that Albrecht Vilhelm did something in Milord’s hometown…

They were left with the conclusion that Kang Chul-In had done this because he was still angry at what Albrecht Vilhelm had done to his hometown, Seoul.


But Kang Chul-In didn’t care about that.

Rather, he considered himself lucky that he was able to get rid of Minerva like this.

It was an opportunity.

Sometimes, an extremely useful and resourceful diplomat could completely change and shift the balance of power.

After losing out on so many things and possible opportunities due to Minerva’s tongue and abilities in his past life, Kang Chul-In couldn’t let her live.

Why would someone let a possible source of threat in the future go when it had come straight to them?

Since he killed Minerva so early like this, it would definitely block some opportunities for Albrecht Vilhelm in the future.

And since he had the excuse that he had killed Minerva in revenge for what had happened in Seoul, no one would question further why he killed her.

“Oh, and what happened to calling Vilhelm?”

Kang Chul-In said to a soldier in charge of the communications.

“We’re connecting right now, sir! Maybe 5 minutes… no, it’s connected!”

“Bring the orb of illusion to the front of me now.”

“Yes, Milord!”

Pzzt, Pzzt!

With a little static at the beginning,

-Overlord Kang Chul-In.

A hologram of Albrecht Vilhelm appeared in front of Kang Chul-In.


At the same time.

Within Aleister’s Deathwin territory, terrifying and unspeakable things were occurring.

“Why aren’t we entering at the same time, and instead going in at 1,000 people every hour?”

One of Overlord Ao Xin’s soldiers, Robert, asked.

“Ahh, whatever. It’s not like we can understand the thoughts of those above us.”

“That’s true, but…”

Even though what his friend said was right, Robert felt suspicious facing these somewhat strange orders.

Wasn’t it strange?

Why would they split their forces when entering the territory? And enter one hour after the previous group entered?

Not only that, but the ones commanding them right now were people that he hadn’t ever seen before.


“Do you really have to go this time around? I have a bad feeling…”

“Mother, how can I feed my family if I don’t go out to battle, as a soldier?”


“It’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon.”

Robert recalled the conversation he had with his mother before leaving.

Something’s strange…

He didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Group 7!”

At that moment, the voice of the commander pierced Robert’s ears.

“We’re going to move into the Deathwin Territory soon! Everyone, get ready!”

“Yes, sir!”

1000 soldiers, including Robert, shouted in unison.

Ah, whatever. What’s the worst that can happen, other than die?

That’s right, a soldier was one that fought to the death for their territory.

A soldier shouldn’t be afraid of death.



While thinking that, the bridge connecting where they were to the Deahtwin territory fell.

Bang… bang…

The sound of a thousand soldiers marching in unison reverberated throughout the area.


As the soldiers of group 7 made it over to the Deathwin territory, the castle door closed shut.


A giant net flew towards them, covering the soldiers.

“W-What is this?!”

“What is going on…”

Screams erupted throughout the area.

“Huhu… Welcome to the Deathwin territory, friends.”

A skeleton spoke and greeted the soldiers.


By now the soldiers had realized that something was weird, but it was too late.


The ground started to collapse on them, 


“S-Save me!!”

And the soldiers of group 7 fell down a massive hole.


“W-What is that?!”

“I-It’s a ghoul!”


What awaited the soldiers down there were 6,000 undead monsters. These were the soldiers that had entered before them.


And just like his friends and fellow soldiers in Group 7, Robert fell to the Undead Soldiers. It was a tragic and unfair death.

“Huhu… quickly become mine, soldiers!!”

Looking at this, Aleister couldn’t help but laugh crazily. 

Ugh… I really can’t do this…

Crazy… this is madness…

The commanders that had told the soldiers to go shivered in fright at their Overlord Ao Xin merely looking at this.

After all, how many Lords could simply throw away 10,000 of their soldiers like this?

“What are you doing?”

At that moment, Aleister spoke to the commanders of Group 7.



The commanders tilted their heads in confusion.

“Now, you get in there too.”

Aleister laughed.


Soon after, the commanders despaired, looking at the undead monsters behind Aleister.

4 banshees, 30 death knights, as well as other undead monsters that they didn’t even know the names of.

“I’ve heard that Overlord Ao Xin doesn’t want any eyewitnesses. Goodbye.”

Aleister said, laughing.

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