Chapter 191: Team Browser (pt. 2)


Indra’s body fell backwards from the force of the dagger thrown at its head. 

“M-My last hit…”

Dorian looked as if he was going to burst into tears.

Even though the experience and rewards would be given out based on the contribution during the fight, that wasn’t the case for special items.

Indra’s special reward was the ‘scroll of limit breaking’.

It was also written in the quest that the person that last-hit the boss would get this special item.




The others also went speechless, quite astonished.

“W-Wait a minute…”

Looking at the dead body of Indra, Dorian tried to figure out what was happening.

“That’s Kang Chul-In’s sword… which means…”

Dorian was able to figure out what the weapon that had struck Indra’s forehead was.

After all, that sword had always been on Kang Chul-In’s waist up to just a few months ago.

[Epic] Soft Sword Kaiforce

Dorian could see the tab that came up in front of him. Even though he couldn’t check the options of the item because he wasn’t the owner, it was an undeniable truth that this item really was Kaiforce.

“Eh? Kang Chul-In?”

“No way…”

“Even though he’s quite infamous… he wouldn’t…”

Each member of Team Browser showed their ‘trust’ in Kang Chul-In.

It wasn’t because they really believed in him.

Rather, it was because they didn’t think that despite the rumors about Kang Chul-In, he would really try to steal the last hit of his friend, Dorian.

“R-Right? There’s no way… Oh, right!!”

At that moment, Dorian recalled a conversation he had with Kang Chul-In a few months ago.


“Hey, what did you do with that sword?”

“Oh, I threw it away.”

“Y-You what? That’s an epic item…”

“Yeah, so?”

“What a waste…! You should have given it to me… Where did you throw it away?”

“I put it inside a furnace.”


“Oh, but it’s probably somewhere in Pangaea traveling right now.”


“It seems like it was able to survive the bath in the furnace because it has infinite durability.”

“Really? So? What happened after?”

“It took the body of one of my soldiers, before running away.”



That’s right.

Currently, the owner of Kaiforce wasn’t Kang Chul-In.


Feeling a sense of danger, Dorian looked back from where Kaiforce had been thrown.

And standing there was a ‘demon’.


A drop of cold sweat trickled down Dorian’s forehead.

I-I can’t breathe…

Dorian found it difficult to breathe from the pressure.

Even though he wouldn’t be this affected if he was in his regular condition, he was currently exhausted due to the final strike he had used against Indra.

He didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

Now that their strength was currently rock-bottom, this demon was a serious threat to Dorian and his teammates.

Tuk… Tuk…

Slowly, and leisurely.

The demon started to walk towards the members of Team Browser.

I-I’m going to die…

Staring at the demon, Dorian felt an instinctive fear.

Astonishment due to getting his kill stolen?


Or regret?

...It was none of those.

Just death.

Compared to the grim reaper that was slowly walking towards him, all of these emotions were mere side-thoughts.

“Good job.”

The demon, or rather Kaiforce that was controlling Pluto of Laputa nodded its head as if it was satisfied.

Kaiforce’s body started to shake.


It was currently feeling excitement, joy, and pleasure all at the same time from taking the last hit from Team Browser.

“The scroll of limit breaking… amazing. With this strength, taking the head of that damned bastard will only be a matter of time.”

Of course, the ‘damned bastard’ that Kaiforce was referring to was Kang Chul-In.

They felt the same emotion towards each other.

Just like Kang Chul-In hated Kaiforce, Kaiforce also hated Kang Chul-In.

How dare a mere human ignore him, an ancient demon?


After absorbing the scroll of limit breaking, or Overdrive to be accurate, Kaiforce held its hand out towards the body of Indra.


The sword inside Indra started to vibrate,


And returned to Kaiforce’s hands.

Holding the sword in its hands, Kaiforce laughed.

“You have no use anymore. So…”

A terrifying, creepy smile appeared in Kaiforce’s purplish face. 


Chuk!! Chuk!!!

The soft sword Kaiforce held started to change shapes, turning into a saw.

Pzzt, Pzzt!!

Blackish purple sparks started to fly around Kaiforce’s body.


Dorian nearly shouted, shocked.



“Oh? Right… that bastard used this move too…”

Kaiforce spoke, laughing.

“Anyway, die already… foolish humans.”

Saying that,


Kaiforce kicked off the ground and sped towards Dorian.

I-I can’t move!!

Dorian couldn’t face off against Kaiforce, who was running towards him.

In fact, he couldn’t even try to dodge now that he had no strength in his body.


David Chrome shouted and quickly activated his ability ‘Full Metal Jacket’ before throwing his body in between Kaiforce and Dorian.



With the sound of metal clashing against metal,


The sound of something ripping could be heard, and David Chrome was sent flying 20 meters away.


With his Full Metal Jacket now deactivated, David Chrome fainted on the ground, blood flowing out everywhere.

It was truly an astonishing sight.

Not only had he deactivated the Full Metal Jacket in one strike, but to think Kaiforce was able to severely injure David Chrome? It was almost unbelievable.


Dorian screamed.


“Y-You bastard!!”

Sean Firefox and John Safari cursed before charging towards Kaiforce.

Of course, they didn’t go to commit suicide.

Each member of Team Browser was formerly part of the special forces, and they were professionals in fighting.

Left and right, Sean Firefox and John Safari co-operated and fought, but were no match for Kaiforce.



Turning into a chain that had spikes on it, the soft sword Kaiforce held wrapped around Sean Firefox.



As the chain that wrapped around Sean was released,


A painful scream came out from Sean Firefox.

Even for someone trained by the special forces, it was impossible not to scream in pain when a chain that had hundreds of spikes on it just pierced his body.


And like that, Sean Firefox also fell.

Thankfully enough he wasn’t dead, but it was a terrifying sight to see when his skin and muscles were all ripped and torn apart from the spikes.



Both John Safari and Dorian went quiet, unable to even open their mouths from shock.


John Safari froze involuntarily.

It was the same for the beasts that he had summoned.

Neither the ‘grizzly kodiak’ or the ‘dire wolf’ were able to move, frightened by the strength that Kaiforce had shown.

“Hmph, trash. That’s right, that’s what you humans are. A species that can do nothing but shiver in fear as your friends die from their own lack of strength.”

Saying that, Kaiforce’s eyes were full of glee.


Dorian screamed in rage.


It was partly because of his anger towards Kaiforce, but also because he hated himself for his own uselessness, as he could do nothing but watch as his friends were knocked out one by one.

Of course, Dorian could make excuses.

It was obvious that Team Browser couldn’t fight against Kaiforce as their fight against Indra had drained them of their original strength.

Still… it didn’t change the fact that it pissed him off.

There’s no choice now…

Finally, Dorian decided to use the final method he had.

“You are so screwed now, fucker.”

Saying that, Dorian took out a glass flask that was the size of a table tennis ball. Inside was a shining and glistening liquid.


Looking at this, Kaiforce’s face started to stiffen.

“Don’t tell me…”

The liquid that was something that even Kaiforce was aware of.

‘The elixir of rage’.

Otherwise known as ‘the devil’s whisper’.

This extremely rare liquid had the ability of increasing his fighting prowess and strength up to 250% once taken for 5 minutes.

Which meant that if Dorian took this liquid, he would become a powerhouse surpassing even Kang Chul-In.

Of course, it was ‘high-risk and high-return’.

The aftereffects from taking the elixir were truly terrible.

Not only would 40% of his maximum mana disappear entirely, there was a chance that all of his mana and abilities would disappear too.



Dorian opened the flask without hesitation.

“Get ready, fucker!!”

I’ll save my friends!

Thinking that, Dorian tried to drink the elixir.


Kaiforce shouted,


And threw the sword it held towards Dorian.

But both Dorian and Kaiforce failed in achieving their goals.

For Dorian,




He got hit by a rock that came flying,


And fainted.

Of course, he failed to drink the elixir of rage.


A golden light flashed,


Before tens of swords made of light flew towards Kaiforce as it deflected the sword thrown towards Dorian.

“D-Don’t tell me…?”

Kaiforce was shocked.

What was happening was one of Mitra’s special moves, known as the ‘Sword Wind of the Light Sword’.


Dodging the attack by rolling away, Kaiforce wondered why it was unable to sense Mitra’s presence.


He and Mitra were enemies and rivals.

Normally, he would be able to sense her when she came nearby. 

But Kaiforce didn’t have much time to think.


Because of Kang Chul-In’s appearance.

“It’s been a while, you arrogant piece of scrap metal.”

Mitra in his hands, Kang Chul-In laughed towards Kaiforce and spoke.

“H-How are you…?”

“Shut up.”


“And get ready for a beating.”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In fist hit Kaiforce’s face.

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