Chapter 187: A Blessing in Disguise (pt. 1)

With an explosion,


The Bone Dragon fell onto the floor, powerless.


Even though the fallen Bone Dragon growled for a few moments, it couldn’t stand back up.


Its glowing red eyes started to flicker and go off like a candle, and the Bone Dragon didn’t move after that.

It was because its deathcore had been completely obliterated from Kang Chul-In’s Intraburst.


After taking the Bone Dragon down, Kang Chul-In sighed.

It was quite a difficult fight.

Without using Mitra it would have been nigh impossible to win this fight; he had to admit he had won this fight through the use of items.

But he wasn’t embarrassed.

Why would he be?

It was obvious that humans would use tools.


The ones with good abilities would gain better items. Look at Lee Chae-rin, she herself had a good item like Miss MoneyPay because of her wealth.

Kang Chul-In thought that being ‘overgeared’ was also a part of his own ability.


At that moment, Mitra spoke once more.

-If you really want to save and help other people… If you want to use your own strength in order to save others rather than ruling over them… Then, I will help you.


[Due to the change of the user’s heart, the ‘Refusal of Malice’ penalty has been applied!]

Mitra lost its light.


Veins started to bulge in Kang Chul-In’s forehead.

This arrogant piece of metal...

Both Mitra and Kaiforce seemed to be extremely picky and arrogant, despite just being pieces of metal.

Kaiforce started to ignore and rebel against Kang Chul-In when it got bored, while Mitra refused to be used if its owner’s personality wasn’t good.

It made sense that to Kang Chul-In, who needed a sword that listened to him, it wasn’t satisfying.

A weapon that wasn’t truly under his control wasn’t a comrade that he brought to battle, but rather a source of danger.

“Well, it’s better than that other one.”

Truly, it was better than Kaiforce.

Even though Kaiforce was powerful, it was a sword that completely ignored its owner. It was better to use Mitra, which was truly powerful when he could use it properly.


Kang Chul-In sheathed his sword. 

Unlike Kaiforce which didn’t have a sheath that came with it, there was a pure-white sheath with decorations of the sun that came with Mitra.

“This isn’t a bad prize of war.”

Staring at the Bone Dragon’s remains, Kang Chul-In nodded.

A dragon’s bone was an extremely valuable type of material, and could be used in making armor, weapons, and one could make an extremely beautiful throne from a dragon’s skull.

Even though people normally said that there was nothing to throw away from a cow’s body, the Dragon was the same.

Since Kang Chul-In had taken the Bone Dragon by himself, he didn’t even need to share it with anyone else. No one had the right to say anything if he just took it by himself.

Of course, this wasn’t the only prize of war.

[Your level has risen! Level 65 achieved!]

[Your level has risen! Level 66 achieved!]

[Your level has risen! Level 67 achieved!]

He had gone up by 3 levels in an instant.

Due to the fact that he had just soloed a level 80 monster, he had just gotten a ridiculous amount of experience.


Kwak-Jung came running.

“But first of all…”

“I’ve already talked with the national department of defense about this.”

Kwak-Jung interrupted.


“I’ve received the co-operation of the army and broadcasted this live, and there are also people coming to help us carry this corpse. After all, isn’t it right that we take the Bone Dragon’s corpse? I will move it to Laputa using the gate that we normally use, milord.”

“It seems like you’re getting better with every passing day.”

Kang Chul-In complimented Kwak-Jung.

“But milord, when will we go dine together, as a group?”

As if thinking that he had done a big deed, Kwak-Jung motioned as if he was drinking some alcohol.

“Some pork belly and Soju, what do you think, milord?”


“Maybe we can even go to Karaoke after and… Sorry.”

Looking at Kang Chul-In’s expression, Kwak-Jung apologized.

“Please remember that you’re the strategist of the Laputa territory, and you’re in a high position that others look up to.”

“O-Oh… Does milord not eat it?”

“Not eat what?”

“The… pork belly and soju.”

“Why would I not eat that?”

“Well… milord seems to be like someone that likes to eat super expensive steak, as well as expensive wine.”



“Well, I can eat what you said well.”


“We can go eat afterwards. First, let’s return to the Galaxy Corporation.”


After the Bone Dragon was defeated by Kang Chul-In, the situation quickly got better.

The dungeon gates that were all over Seoul were cleared one by one by the adventurers, and the monsters that were running all over the place were also quickly killed.

Everything, from start to finish, was finished under the control of the Galaxy Corporation.


Kang Chul-In, who was waiting for Group H to return from Sejong University’s dungeon, had his face stiffen momentarily when he heard Kwak-Jung’s shouting.

“What is it?”

“W-Well… I-Investors are coming!”


“From people that want to invest a little bit of money to those who are extremely rich, and even foreign investors are going crazy since they want to invest in our company! They’re saying that as long as milord is here, the growth of our company is guaranteed!”

It was obvious.

The way that the Galaxy Corporation dealt with the situation at hand had impressed many people, and Kang Chul-In’s strength amazed the world.

Even in other countries the headline was on Kang Chul-In, and if someone had to pick the hottest man in the world right now, that would be Kang Chul-In.

“I-If we do well this time, we might be able to get enough resources to fund Laputa…”



“Make sure you look over all the investors, and make sure to only take some of them.”

Kang Chul-In shook his head.


“From the foreign investors, who do you think will be involved?”


“Alex Rothschild, that damned bastard who was born with a diamond spoon in his mouth. Albrecht Vilhelm is also famed for being rich in Europe. Right, and what did you do with the people that were involved?”

What Kang Chul-In meant by ‘involved’ was the people that were involved in the launch of the Hellfire missile. 

“Oh, we’ve already caught all of them and sent them to Laputa.”

“How about their ‘mental training’?”

“Hehe… I’ve already… Hehe…”

“Have you killed them?”

“Nah, I didn’t. I just beat them up a little bit. And…”


“I’m sure they won’t be happy anyway when they who were originally rich have to work as people that clean up and carry shit.”

Kwak-Jung’s words made sense.

It would be incredibly painful for those who were formerly rich, powerful people to live as almost slaves within Laputa.


While Kang Chul-In and Kwak-Jung were talking, Old man Kwon interrupted them.

“L-Look outside!”


“T-There, over there! Put all the curtains back up!”

At Old man Kwon’s orders, the man who was in charge of operating the room pressed a button.

As the shutter went back up…




Applause and cheering Chul-In on a scale that even Kang Chul-In hadn’t seen before hit his eardrums.

“We love you, Director Kang!!”

“Director Kang!! Please take a look here!”

“Thank you!!”

Tens and hundreds of thousands of people stood in front of the Galaxy Corporation’s building, and cheered for Kang Chul-In.


Kang Chul-In was startled.

Even though he had received the cheering of the civilians of Laputa, he didn’t think that he would receive it on Earth, in his home country.

[Director Kang Chul-In as president!!]

[Please marry me!!]

[You are our hero!!]

Many fans could be seen.

“Ha… look at this. I think you can go out for the election.”

Old Man Kwon said, tapping Kang Chul-In’s shoulders.

“What is all this?”

“What do you mean what is it? It’s a group of people that think you’re a hero, and are cheering for you. After all, you saved many people.”

“...Is that so?”

“Come on, wave at them! Look at how much they like you!”


“Hey, c’mon already. It’s not even something difficult.”

At Old Man Kwon’s badgering, Kang Chul-In reluctantly waved at the civilians, an awkward smile on his face.

But the chaos that his awkward waving brought was enormous.



He could almost see people falling down from this.

Just like Old Man Kwon said, Kang Chul-In’s popularity seemed to be enough to become a presidential candidate.

At that moment, Kang Chul-In’s smartphone started to vibrate. It was a call from his mother, Park Sun-Ja.

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