Chapter 184: Kwak-Jung, Running Away!

“Which crazy bastard made the civilians go inside a dome-shaped gymnasium instead of having them go underground like I had said!?”



The glass table broke, unable to withstand Kwak-Jung’s fist.

“Uuu…. Uu…. Ahhhh!!”

Kwak-Jung was so pissed off that he couldn’t control himself.

“W-Who… Who was it…? I definitely said… To either stay home, or go underground…! When did I tell anyone… to use the gym..? Uuu… Uu…”

“Director Kwak, please calm…”

“General Ko…! Do you honestly think… that I can calm… down…?”

“W-Well… the emergency measures committee also tried their hardest…”

“Their hardest? THEIR FUCKING HARDEST?!”


“Dammit… if that bone dragon just perches on top of the gym the ceiling would collapse…! Are you kidding me right now?”

“Then what do we do now?”

General Ko asked.


“Since Jangchung arena is now in danger…”

“We leave it be.”



Kwak-Jung looked at Ko Yong-chan, with a cold face.

“What’s the problem?”

“But the lives of 10,000 people…”

“So what?”

“But we have to save them!”

“Oh, you’re not trying to tell me that I should take out the adventurers that have already gone inside the dungeons, right?”


“Do these dungeon gates seem like a joke to you? Is that it?”


“And even if I wanted to, how am I supposed to do that when all communications don’t work? Or have wire services been set up in Pangaea?”

Kwak-Jung said sarcastically.

But he was right.

Excluding maybe a few medical products, almost none of modern-day Earth’s objects could be carried over through the dungeon gate. They obviously couldn't communicate.


But at that moment, Kwak-Jung sighed,

“Stay here.”

And stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“Well, there’s no choice, is there? It seems that I’ll have to go there myself.”


“Well, there is no one to send… And I can’t just watch as 10,000 people lose their lives, now can I?”

“But… it’ll be dangerous.”

“Of course it will be.”

Kwak-Jung laughed.

“But it’s better playing with that bone dragon than getting beaten up by a certain someone.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Well then, see you later.”

Waving goodbye, Kwak-Jung started to move. In his right hand was the White Rain Fan, the item that was once Lee Gong-Myung’s.


After riding on a helicopter and chasing behind the bone dragon, Kwak-Jung was able to meet the bone dragon on the rooftop of a building nearby the Jangchung Arena.

“Stop here!”

Shouting that, Kwak-Jung jumped off. He had jumped off without any safety equipment from 15 meters above the ground. This was only possible because Kwak-Jung himself was quite a high-leveled adventurer.


Kwak-Jung landed on top of a building.

“Damned bone bastard…”

Said Kwak-Jung as he stared at the bone dragon.

“Ao… He looks so strong… and he’s so big too, damned bastard…”

After staring at the bone dragon, Kwak-Jung found it difficult to rush ahead and fight against it right away.


The bone dragon roared, and prepared to fly towards the Jangchung arena.


Kwak-Jung grit his teeth.

“Ah, whatever!!”

Shouting that, Kwak-Jung clenched the White Rain Fan and poured mana into it.


But the White Rain Fan electrocuted him instead.


Kwak-Jung screamed in pain.

“Uu… stupid fan… let me feel the pleasure of being ‘overgeared’ for once.”



That was right.

Kwak-Jung wasn’t able to control the White Rain Fan properly.

Even though the White Rain Fan didn’t have an ego like Kaiforce, it still refused to acknowledge Kwak-Jung as it’s owner.


Staring at the White Rain Fan, Kwak-Jung shouted.

“Can you not see that? Huh? If you don’t work properly, all those people will die!!”


At Kwak-Jung’s shouting, the White Rain Fan finally answered. It was as if the fan was saying it would allow Kwak-Jung to use it this time.

“Hmph… Lightning!!”

Kwak-Jung commanded,


And a single bolt of lightning fell from the sky, hitting the head of the bone dragon.



The bone dragon turned its head, and stared at Kwak-Jung ferociously. It seemed that it hadn’t taken a single bit of damage.



At that moment, the White Rain Fan vibrated once again.

“Y-You, don’t tell me…”

Kwak-Jung realized.

He had realized that this god-damned fan had just pulled a prank on him.


And during that time, the bone dragon started to fly towards Kwak-Jung at terrifying speeds.


Screaming, Kwak-Jung threw his body and started to escape.

“Hu… Hu…”

Kwak-Jung panted.


Behind him, the 40 metre bone dragon was flapping its dried wings, chasing after him.

“Dammit! You damned lizard, stop chasing me!!”

Even though Kwak-Jung shouted,


The bone dragon didn’t stop.

While Kwak-Jung was running, he noticed a signpost.

Underground parking lot…? Oh, it seems like I’m at Dongguk University.

It seemed like after running crazily from Jangchung arena, Kwak-Jung had made it all the way over to Dongguk University.

If it’s like this, I’ll try to run inside the building and try to shake him off.

Kwak-Jung ran quickly.

Even though some buildings of the university would fall, who cared? His priority was to survive.


As soon as he made it inside the building, the head of the bone dragon destroyed the entrance.


“Stop chasing me, you damned bastard!!”

Even while screaming, Kwak-Jung passed through a  building in the university.

It seemed that if he ran a little bit more, he would make it underground.


As the ceiling of the building broke down, and Kwak-Jung entered further inside the building,


“S-Save me!!”

“A monster!!”

Kwak-Jung was met with civilians that were hiding inside.

Ah, I’m so fucked.

Kwak-Jung’s face paled.

These useless bastards…

He had told people to either stay home or go underground, but they had completely ignored his warnings.

Everyone’s going to die…

From buildings on the university’s campus, thousands of people started to run out.

There was no choice now.

Even if the people tried to run towards the parking lot now, it was obvious that this bone dragon’s strongest move, its ‘acid breath’, would be used towards the entrance to stop them from running.

Once that happened… everyone here would melt under its breath.

“God dammit…”

While Kwak-Jung was swearing,


Even more buildings on the campus started to fall, and people were running amok.


Kwak-Jung moaned, helpless.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of people died.

Kwak-Jung gritted his teeth.

He also clenched his fists.

“Fuck… FUCK!! This fucking son of a bitch monster!! FUCK! FUCK!! FUCKKKK!!!”

It was rage.

It was the rage of a human being that watched as other humans died, powerless.

“If only I was stronger…”

This was the first time Kwak-Jung had been so angry at his own weakness.

His heart started to hurt; it started to hurt a lot because even as fellow humans and fellow Koreans were dying in front of him, he could only watch.

“Dammit… If only I were strong like Milord…! Then I too…!!”

“You just need to use your brain.”

Saying this, Kwak-Jung’s Lord, Kang Chul-In, otherwise known as the ‘worst’ and ‘most powerful’ Overlord of Pangaea, descended onto the battle.


The asphalt floor cracked and broke up, making a human-sized hole. This just goes to prove just how high Kang Chul-In had dropped down from.


Kwak-Jung stared at Kang Chul-In.

“After all, I’ll be your fighting strength.”

Kang Chul-In said, laughing.

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