Chapter 180: The Labyrinthos Maze


The notification for a quest popped up.

[Labyrinthos Maze]

Aim: Get through the maze

Reward: The Holy Light Sword, Mitra

People that can go in: 0/1

-This quest occurs to only those with the item ‘The Trace of the Holy Light Sword’.

-If the item ‘The Trace of the Holy Light Sword’ is used, the user will receive the ‘hi-pass’ buff, and will reach the boss room safely.


At this message, Kang Chul-In smiled.

“Mr. Chul-In…? What is it?”

“A quest appeared.”

“A quest?”

“Do you remember the Lord meetings?”


“It seems that the item I got as a reward for getting 1st place is a map that can be used to clear this maze. Kuk… these idiots.”

Kang Chul-In murmured, astonished.

To think that the dungeon that they had opened was the dungeon that Kang Chul-In had been looking for. Whether it was Albrecht Vilhelm or Alex Rothschild, they had really helped Kang Chul-In out this time.

“I-Is that so…”

“The reward is good.”

“What is it?”

“An epic item.”


“And it’s a sword too, which is exactly what I need.”


Lee Chae-rin exclaimed.



Kang Chul-In tried to sit back up saying that, 


But Lee Chae-rin stopped him, almost toppling him over with her body.



“Please, just rest… Don’t go to the dungeon when your body…”

“Lee Chae-rin.”

“Two days, or at least a day…”

“I’m not going.”


“I also... am human.”

Kang Chul-In said, in a somewhat tired voice.

“As you suggested, I’m planning on resting for at least a day.”


“It’s not like the dungeon will disappear if I don’t go now, so I’m  thinking of resting for a day to recover. I doubt that I’ll be able to fight against the boss monster of the dungeon in this state.”

Even though Kang Chul-In was somewhat known for acting on impulse, he wasn’t planning on going into the maze when he knew that he couldn’t beat the boss in his current state.

“Oh… S-Sorry…”

“It’s fine. Just… move out the way.”


“I can’t breathe properly.”

At Kang Chul-In’s words, Lee Chae-rin quickly stood up, and moved back to her seat, flustered.


Lee Chae-rin’s phone started to vibrate.

“It’s sir Kwak.”

“Hand it to me.”

Saying that, Kang Chul-In took the phone.

-Ms. Chae-rin! I-Is Milord… Is he alright?

“It’s me.”


“I’m alright.”

-A-Are you really, alright, Milord?

“It’s just a small concussion.”

-...As expected.

“It’s nothing.”

Just like Lee Chae-rin and the medical staff, Kwak-Jung was astonished that the blow that Kang Chul-In had taken lead to only a ‘minor’ injury.

-Anyway… it’s good that you’re safe, Milord.

“Thanks. So, did you come up with a plan as a response?”

-Yes, sir. We’re planning on splitting the adventurers into groups of 5 to 7, and will send them over to one dungeon at a time. The higher level dungeons--- we’ll leave those to the idi… I mean, Overlord Dorian Explorer and his friends.”


-Uh… Well… He brought over 3 somewhat strange friends. They’re waiting for orders in Milord's house.

Kang Chul-In focused on those ‘strange friends’ that Kwak-Jung had mentioned.

“Are their names John ‘Safari’, David ‘Chrome’, and Sean ‘Firefox’?”

-Y-Yes, that’s right.

“...Those idiots are in my house? With Dorian?”



Kang Chul-In sighed in rage.

John Safari, formerly of the Delta Force.

David Chrome, formerly of the Navy Seals.

And Sean Firefox, formerly of the Green Berets.

The three of them were Dorian’s friends, and were all former special force agents.

They were also people that weren’t sane in various ways, and were people that were extremely similar to Dorian.

They weren’t bad people, but they were people that were tiring to deal with.

“Chase them out, right now.”


“I said, chase those people out of my house right now.”

-B-But… Milord… apparently they’re protecting Milord’s mother...

“Who’s next to my mother usually?”

-Well, Milord’s daughter… Ah, I see.

As long as Arshelly was next to Kang Chul-In’s mother, there was nothing dangerous that could happen.

And since Kang Chul-In’s house was warded with all sorts of magical enchantments just in case, it was almost impossible for monsters to approach.

“I guarantee that those bastards are taking our food, with the excuse that they’re there to protect my mother…”

-Haha, as if…

“I guarantee it.”

-I’ll check right now.

Saying that, Kwak-Jung called on someone.

-Milord, we’re in trouble.

“What is it?”

-Those bastards… I think they’ve emptied Milord’s refrigerator…

“... Chase them out. Right now.”

Kang Chul-In growled.


While Kang Chul-In was resting in the hospital, South Korea became even more chaotic.

[News] Chief Of Staff Oh Se-min, Arrested… Charged For War Crime.

[News] Lieutenant General Ko Yong-chan, Quickly Promoted To The Position Of General! 

[News] General Ko Yong-chan, “Director Kang Chul-in Is Our Hero… The Army Should Be Embarrassed.”

First of all, Oh Se-min, who had ordered a missile strike onto Kang Chul-In was arrested, and Ko Yong-chan, who had tried to stop him, had become a General.

Not only that, but, 

[News] Junior Managing Director Of The Galaxy Corporation Kwak-Jung, “My Hands And Feet Tremble From The Shock Of Being Betrayed.”

[News] Adventurers, “We Will Not Fight. We Don’t Want To Get Hit By The Attacks Of Our Allies, Just Like Director Kang Chul-In. We Are Not Consumables.”

Under Kwak-Jung’s control, the adventurers began to boycott,

[News] Citizens, “Is This What The Government Should Do?”

[News] Government, Asks For Help From The Galaxy Corporation…

[News] Announcement From The President, “Please Give Us One More Chance”

And finally, the heavyweights and government officials had to move.

It made sense, as the longer they allowed the boycott of the Galaxy Corporation to occur, the more their positions would start to get threatened.

Due to this, the government officials that had formerly tried to think of the best methods to take as much tax from the Galaxy Corporation had to beg for help.


Two days later, inside a secret meeting room underground in Yeouido, Kwak-Jung sat with two legs on a table chewing his gum.

But the other heavyweights and government officials that sat with him had to remain silent, afraid of what would happen if they touched him.


At that moment, Kwak-Jung laughed at the officials,

“These are our conditions, so you can decide whether to sign on them or not.”

And threw a piece of paper in the middle of the table. This is what it read:

1. The Galaxy Corporation will take complete charge of fighting against the monsters that have invaded.

2. The country will give senior managing director Kang Chul-In the position of ‘Honorary General of the Army’.

3. All of the adventurers that take part in the fight against the monsters will be given the ‘Order of the Taegeug Military Merit’.

4. From now on, the Galaxy Corporation will be completely exempt from tax.

5. All of the welfare benefits of the workers that work in the Galaxy Corporation will now be taken care of by the country.

6. The RiverMoon group will be taken down, and the money received from it will be used for taking care of the current situation. When the money is used, it will be known to the country that it is the Galaxy Corporation donating this money.

7. Pangaea World will be taken down, and the money earned will go to the Galaxy Corporation.

8. All of those that have made ‘mistakes’ in this current crisis against the Galaxy Corporation will be handed over for ‘further punishment’.

The officials that took a look at these conditions were shocked.

“W-What in…”

“This doesn’t make any…”

“Aren’t these conditions a little…”

They gasped.

“Why, don’t you like them?”

Kwak-Jung laughed.

“You don’t have to sign on them.”

It was too over the top?

Of course not!

If they weren’t ignored over and over when they tried to warn people of the dangers of Pangaea World, the conditions wouldn’t have been this harsh.

What were the stances of these officials when Old Man Kwon had gone to find them?

These people were greedy pigs that ignored them after taking the money given to them by the RiverMoon group. They weren’t people to play nice with.

“I’ll give you 10 seconds.”

Kwak-Jung said.

“Listen to what my Lord says before you give your final decision.”

As he said that, Kwak-Jung pressed on a pre-recorded message.



-There is no room for negotiation here.

Kang Chul-In’s voice was resolute.


At the same time.


Kang Chul-In laughed.

After resting for over 24 hours, he was now planning on going into the Labyrinthos maze. He wanted to get Mitra as soon as possible in order to slay the bone dragon.

And this was the result.

“They said it was a hi-pass, but…”

Kang Chul-In laughed, astonished.

5 hours.

That was how long Kang Chul-In took going through the maze.

What would have taken weeks or even months for other people had only taken 5 hours for him.

-You have reached the boss room. The ‘hi-pass’ buff has disappeared.

A notification popped up.

“A boss, huh.”

Currently, Kang Chul-In was standing at the very edge of the Labyrinthos maze, right in front of the door that led to the boss room.


Without hesitating, Kang Chul-In pushed the door open.


“Come, someone has finally come!!”

An old man greeted Kang Chul-In.

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