Chapter 177: Bone Dragon in Seoul (pt. 1)

“Those crazy bastards… What have they done…?”

Looking at the bone dragon, Kang Chul-In spoke in astonishment.

What kind of monster was a bone dragon?

The bone dragon was a dragon that had become undead. It was different from the ‘weak’ monsters that were captured in Pangaea World.

Of course, that wasn’t to say that a bone dragon was as strong as an actual dragon.

Though undead monsters were usually stronger than their living counterparts, that wasn’t the case for the bone dragon.

After all, their living counterparts which were dragons were much too powerful. 

Since necromancers were unable to fully recreate the power of a dragon, they had become a minor version of its living self. 

But even though they were the minor versions of dragons, they were still extremely powerful. Even though it was different for each monster, each of them was a disaster to the people on earth, since they were at minimum level 80.

“They said they opened dungeon gates… But what is ...

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