Chapter 176: Let’s Just Level Up

“So they want me to fuck off?”

Kang Chul-In murmured to himself.

He knew what had happened.

This was the collaborated piece of Alex Rothschild and Albrecht Vilhelm. 

The reason was obvious.

Right now, Alex Rothschild and Albrecht Vilhelm were still fighting over the Esmerelda territory. 

And to these two, the existence of Kang Chul-In was quite threatening.

If Kang Chul-In joined in this fight to get the Esmerelda territory, they would have wasted their time and resources. After all, they weren’t confident in fighting Kang Chul-In.

“Damned bastards… Soon, I’ll go crack your creative and innovative skulls open.”

Even though he didn’t like what they did, he had to admit that what they did was quite creative.

Who would know that instead of attacking Kang Chul-In in Pangaea, they would do so in his home country?

“M-Mr. Chul-In?”

Lee Chae-rin asked cautiously.

“What is it? Do you have some bad news?”


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