Chapter 175: Response (pt. 2)

“That sounds unbelievable…! So, what Director Kang is saying… is that the RiverMoon group that is running Pangaea World is lying to the people of the country?”

The anchor asked, obviously startled.

“I won’t say it twice.”


“Next question.”

Kang Chul-In said impatiently.

Damn it…

Truth be told, he wasn’t in a very good mood.

Milord, you have to go out yourself.

It was because of Kwak-Jung.

Normally, the person that goes up is in a high position in the company… but as you know, there aren’t many people in the Galaxy Corporation. If Milord goes out on TV to talk about the upcoming accident, it would be perfect. And also, isn’t Milord quite handsome?

-I am?

...Did you not know?

-A man shouldn’t care about their looks.

That’s only what you think, Milord.


That handsome face, please use it this time. If you go on TV, the SNS will go crazy since many people in the world are interested in handsome men. If that happens, the interview itself will become a hot topic…

Kwak-Jung’s logic was that they would use Kang Chul-In’s face as a weapon to make this an issue.


Of course, Kang Chul-In’s response was a no.

...If this was Pangaea, I wouldn’t even need to tell you this. What we need right now is for our warning to be known, and to become an issue. As a Lord, Milord should know--- In times like these, shouldn’t the ones in charge step up so that the underlings can also work hard? Right now, it isn’t an overstatement to say that Milord is at the front of the Galaxy Corporation, which is the main funding and backing for our territory in Pangaea.

-...Only this once.

Persuaded by Kwak-Jung, Kang Chul-In decided to take part in the interview. Of course, part of it was that he didn’t want to continue listening to Kwak-Jung’s whining.

“Director Kang, some people are saying that the Galaxy Corporation is accusing the RiverMoon company in order to monopolize the market, but what are your thoughts on that?”

“Are you saying that what we’re saying is a lie, and a threat?”

Kang Chul-In replied.


At Kang Chul-In’s sharp words, the anchor was startled.

“Is there such a need to reply so sharply…?”

“I’m saying that the Galaxy Corporation isn’t so stupid to make lies that are so blatant.”


“3 days.”


“In 3 days, the monsters within Pangaea will escape.”

“I-Is that so?”

“After finding this out, the Galaxy Corporation decided to warn everyone so that we can help keep the citizens safe.”


Even though Kang Chul-In’s interview seemed to become a hot issue in South Korea,

[News/Finance] RiverMoon group: ‘the dirty Galaxy Corporation’

[News] RiverMoon group, will sue Galaxy Corporation for false accusations.

The RiverMoon group’s response to this wasn’t weak either.


-vEv: Look at the Galaxy Corporation trying to strike them down, lol.

-Eunji: I don’t like the Galaxy Corporation, as they’re denouncing Pangaea World even though it’s fine… I can only imagine how much they want to monopolize the market…

-rhfoRkdhk: The Galaxy Corporation should just decrease the price of their products! You damned bastards! I’m saying, think of the circumstances of us bald people!

The rush of the ‘comment squad’ began.

“Kya~! How much money did these people spend?”

Kwak-Jung said, astounded by the number of hate comments on the different portal websites.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I really don’t know how much these damned RiverMoon people spent.”

Kwak-Jung replied to Kang Chul-In’s question.

“Is it that bad?”

“Yeah, all of the major websites on news are blaming us, and saying that we are falsely accusing these people. This… I’m sure that they’re controlling the media, and they’re also using people to comment mean things on our reply to the MoonRiver group.”

It was as expected of South Korea, where almost everything could be done with money.

Thanks to this, the number of tourists in Pangaea World didn’t decrease.

In fact, they increased.

The MoonRiver group that had gotten triggered by Kang Chul-In’s aggressive interview lowered all ticket prices by 30%.

And not only that, but they also invited k-pop girl and boy groups with the biggest "fandoms" to come perform in order to attract more tourists. 

As a result, the number of tourists didn’t go down, and rather increased.

That wasn't all.

[This article has been deleted due to the request of the company.]

[This article has been deleted…]

[This article has been deleted…]

Any articles that had come from the side of the Galaxy Corporation didn’t make it past 5 minutes, and were deleted. 

“It’s backfiring on us.”

Looking at the situation on his smartphone, Kang Chul-In grimaced. 

“Huh? That’s not true.”


“People are going crazy right now.”


“Take a look.”

With a mischievous smile on his face, Kwak-Jung handed his smartphone over to Kang Chul-In.

[email protected]

-Overlord, Adventurer.

-Director of Galaxy Corporation

-Seoul, Seocho-gu

-Date joined: 2020/09/04

-Single Father.

“What… is this?”

Kang Chul-In asked, startled.

“This is Milord’s SNS account.”

“I… I don’t recall making anything like this…”

Kang Chul-In was the kind of person that believed that the use of SNS would ruin people’s lives.

However, on Kang Chul-In’s SNS account, there were accurate details on what Kang Chul-In had been doing recently.

Him riding in his Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, him taking Arshelly to school in his Bugatti, him eating a meal with his family, and even a picture of him asleep in his office.

Kang Chul-In’s SNS account showed the life of a man that had succeeded.

“This is you, right? Isn’t it cool?”

“I don’t understand what’s so ‘cool’ about this.”

“Why is this not cool then?”

Kwak-Jung explained his thoughts.

“Milord is an extremely resourceful man who is also the director of the Galaxy Corporation at such a young age. Milord is handsome and you care lots about your daughter and mother. And finally… the fact that Milord is a ‘single father’... isn’t that something that would make a woman’s motherly instincts tingle when they see you?”

“What the hell are you even saying? And why have you even written that I’m a single father on there? As if I like being a single father.”

Kang Chul-In spoke, dissatisfied.

The fact that he was a single father was a sore spot for him.

“You’re extremely popular though.”


“Take a look at the number of your followers”

At Kwak-Jung’s words, Kang Chul-In checked how many followers he had.


Almost 550,000 people.

It was quite a lot of people, considering that this account had just recently been made.

“Take a look at the comments.”

“The comments?”


-dkelaksemfrlrnlcksg: Director Kang, I’m cheering for you! :)

-Lovely0HJ: You’re so cool~ And your daughter’s so pretty too~ Ha… I wish I could be the mother… <3

-YesQueen: Take me please… Sob…

-1122134: I’m your fan! I believe in you!!

-erika1127: I’m planning on believing in Director Kang’s words and won’t go to Pangaea World for a while… what if there really is an accident?

-Jang Duk-soo: I’m a man in my 40s that worked for the RiverMoon group. The RiverMoon group is a terrible company that treats its workers terribly… I also believe in Director Kang and the Galaxy Corporation. I hope that a big accident doesn’t happen.

Countless of SNS users were cheering Kang Chul-In on.

Even though there were a few mean comments, most of them praised Kang Chul-In.

And amongst them,

-CRLee: I heard that there was a woman that was meeting Director Kang… I don’t think that people should try to get close to him personally :D

Even though the ID seemed somewhat familiar, Kang Chul-In didn’t dwell on it.


2 days later, there was an awkward stand-off in front of Pangaea World.


Kang Chul-In laughed.

In front of him was a barricade of people.

Funnily enough, the card that the RiverMoon group had prepared were 300 people that worked as security agents.

These people had tasers, gas-guns, clubs--- all sorts of weapons on them. 

“This is the property of the RiverMoon group.”

A man that seemed to be the boss of these 300 people came out, and spoke.

“Director Kang and his party, please go back. We won’t let you inside Pangaea World.”

As the man said that, the people behind Kang Chul-In started to laugh uproariously.

“Pft… Puhahahaha!”

“Kya! Look at their bravery!”

“...They’re crazy.”

The identity of the people that were laughing were Billy Halford, and his fellow 40 adventurers.

“Hu… Mr. Chul-In… You really do have a lot of things going on in your life…”

The lord of the Dorado territory, Overlord Lee Chae-Rin, shook her head.

“Ah, I wish you could just break everything here. We can just pay them back. It doesn’t even look that expensive…”

Lee Chae-Rin murmured.


Hearing this, Kang Chul-In involuntarily felt jealous of Lee Chae-Rin’s wealth. He had realized his financial state at Lee Chae-Rin’s short phrase.

At that moment.

Kang Chul-In’s phone start to vibrate.


It was a call from Kwak-Jung.

-M-Milord! W-We’re in deep shit!”

“What do you mean?”

 -Milord… we’ve been tricked…! These crazy bastards…

“What do you mean?”

-Pangaea World was just bait. Milord, these bastards are out of their minds. I think they’ve gone through Seoul, opening Dungeon Gates everywhere.

“Dungeon Gates?”

-Sadang, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul station, Sindorim, Shinchon, Eowha university, Cheonho, and even Konkuk university… Monsters have appeared in almost all of the major areas in Seoul.


Kang Chul-In’s phone exploded, unable to handle Kang Chul-In’s strength.

“These fuckers…”

Kang Chul-In also swore in rage.


As soon as Kang Chul-In swore…

“S-Save me!”

"The monsters have escaped!”

Screams from the tourists began to echo through the area.


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