Chapter 175: Response (pt. 2)

“That sounds unbelievable…! So, what Director Kang is saying… is that the RiverMoon group that is running Pangaea World is lying to the people of the country?”

The anchor asked, obviously startled.

“I won’t say it twice.”


“Next question.”

Kang Chul-In said impatiently.

Damn it…

Truth be told, he wasn’t in a very good mood.

Milord, you have to go out yourself.

It was because of Kwak-Jung.

Normally, the person that goes up is in a high position in the company… but as you know, there aren’t many people in the Galaxy Corporation. If Milord goes out on TV to talk about the upcoming accident, it would be perfect. And also, isn’t Milord quite handsome?

-I am?

...Did you not know?

-A man shouldn’t care about their looks.

That’s only what you think, Milord.


That handsome face, please use it this time. If you go on TV, the SNS will go crazy since many people in the world are interested in handsome men. If that happens, the interview itself will become...

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