Chapter 173: Pangaea World (pt. 3)

The battle of the i8 and the LaFerrari obviously ended with the LaFerrari emerging as the victor. Kwak-Jung followed the LaFerrari, unable to calm his anger.

He wanted to at least take a look at this ‘rich boy’ who drove the LaFerrari.

After chasing the owner of the Ferrari all the way to Pangaea World, Kwak-Jung checked who the owner of the car was and,

Oh… fuck. I am so screwed…


“So, it was you.”

Kang Chul-In had a terrifying smile on his face.


“I didn’t enjoy racing you.”

“I-I’m sorry… I had no idea that it was you, Milord…”

“That’s obvious…”

Kang Chul-In took a step towards Kwak-Jung.

“But still, I don’t like your driving habits.”

Kwak-Jung had tried to annoy and disturb Kang Chul-In by shining the car’s headlights towards the Ferrari. This had pissed off Kang Chul-In, who believed in safe driving, at least in the city.

“I’m sorry…”

“Follow me.”

“D-Don’t tell me…”



Putting everything down, Kwak-Jung followed Kang Chul-In. Their destination… was behind the toilet stall of Pangaea World.

“I’ll… be back soon.”

“Uh… Okay, come back quick… I-I’ll go home with the bus.”

Kwak Jung-Mi, who had also been taught a lesson by Kang Chul-In before, quickly ran away and watched as her brother was dragged away.

10 minutes later.

“Sob sob… I won’t ever... sob… Drive like that again…”

After getting some ‘mental training’ from Kang Chul-In, Kwak-Jung’s mindset became clean once more.

“Safe driving, okay?”

“Yes… sob…”

“Even though you might not die since you’re not an ordinary human, what fault do the others have? Will you be responsible for their deaths?”


Since it was true that he had made a mistake, Kwak-Jung had no choice but to apologize.


Hmph… To think that it would be Milord that emphasized ‘safe driving’. Hmph!

Kang Chul-In’s response was quite unexpected.

With Kang Chul-In’s terrifying personality, one would expect him to breach all sorts of rules, such as ignoring the traffic signs, or going over the speed limit.

It wouldn’t be strange if Kang Chul-In decided to drag someone out of their car if he got angry.

But instead of becoming angry at Kwak-Jung’s dangerous driving, Kang Chul-In calmly drove his car.

It’s strange that he’s driving safely… Don’t tell me, he’s a driving beginner?

Even though Kwak-Jung thought of a bunch of different possibilities, he couldn’t understand. It just didn’t fit Kang Chul-In’s image to be a beginner driver.

“Even though you’re angry, don’t go over the speed limit.”


“Don’t you have to think of your sister, too?”


“If you were fine, and your sister got injured, what would you do?”

At Kang Chul-In’s words, Kwak-Jung was unable to reply. All he did was lower his head and realize his mistakes.

“My father,”

Kang Chul-In continued.

“Passed away because a drunk truck driver hit him.”


“They said he died on the spot. Apparently, it was difficult to tell that it was him before they did a DNA test, since his body was so out of shape.”

“I-Is that so…?”

“I’m not driving slow because I’m a bad driver or anything. And personally, I would be fine if I had a car accident. It’s just that I try not to ruin other people’s lives by making a mistake.”

“Sorry, Milord… I didn’t know…”

“It’s fine now that you know.”

“Yes, safe driving!”

“Actually, I don’t think it’s okay.”


“I’ll need to change your driving habits more ‘personally’.”


And thanks to this, Kwak-Jung had the "honor" of going through Kang Chul-In’s mental training twice in one day.


After arriving to the front gate of Pangaea World, Kang Chul-In ordered Kwak-Jung to buy tickets off the black market.

“Yes, we’ve confirmed that you gave us 390 dollars.”

The man that sold the tickets said, feeling quite satisfied.

“Here, two VVIP tickets.”

Of course, the one that had to buy the tickets was Kwak-Jung.

“Hmph… so expensive.”

“How much was it?”

“It was 195 dollars per ticket.”

“It’s cheap.”

“What? Isn’t it super expensive for one ticket for a theme park to be around 200 dollars? No matter how much I think of it, it’s a fuc… I mean, nothing.”

“Someone’s bought one ticket at 450 dollars.”

“Wow… what an idiot… Who was that?”

“It’s the exact guy you’re thinking of.”


Kwak-Jung tilted his head in confusion at Kang Chul-In’s words, but he would soon be able to tell who Kang Chul-In was referring to.

“Yo~! Kang Chul-In!”

Dorian waved his hands at them in front of the special entrance for the VVIP guests of Pangaea World.

“Hmph… So it was that idiot.”

Realizing what Kang Chul-In meant, Kwak-Jung murmured.

“...What on earth are you wearing?”

Kang Chul-In stared at Dorian like he was a freak.

“What? Oh, this? Isn’t it cute?”

Dorian pointed at his head, or to be accurate, the bunny-shaped hair band that he was wearing. It seemed that he had ‘dressed up’ for the theme park, but it looked quite foolish to Kang Chul-In.


“Hmph! So boring.”

“Shut up and lead the way.”

“Lead the way? Where?”

“To where the high-level monsters are.”

Even though the inside of Pangaea World was quite crowded, the Kang Chul-In party was able to get around quickly. It was because they got on the travel train that only VVIP visitors could get on.

“That’s the one called a Gorgatris. It was the superstar of Pangaea World even before it opened.”

Dorian said, pointing at the cage that contained the Gorgatris. 

“That normally lives in the Southeast part of Pangaea.”

Kang Chul-In said.

“Oh? You know those things too?”

“Well, only the basics.”

“Wow~! As expected of Kang Chul-In. How about the other monsters?”

“I can guess if I look at them.”

“Can’t you explain that to me? I want to write that in my encyclopedia…”

“What will you do for me, then?”

“Me? Uh… You can have my body, if you want...? Sorry.”

“I’m thinking of going hunting for items when I return, so help me.”

“Oh? Alright.”

“Then I will explain what I know to you.”

After making a deal, Kang Chul-In looked at the cages that contained the monsters and told Dorian the details of each of the monsters.

“That’s a Madhunter. They’re demon type monsters, and they live on the north-side of Pangaea. That’s a rare one… I’m surprised they captured that.”


“Hmm… that’s a Frozen Wolf. That’s also from the north-side of Pangaea.”

“It has nice fur!”

“That one lives on the southeastern side of Pangaea. The name… was Ignito, I believe.”

“Hmm… Ignito… Ignito…”

“Wait, let me think.”

Stopping his explanation, Kang Chul-In fell into thought.

It’s impossible for someone to bring these monsters here, unless they’re on the level of an Overlord… But what is their purpose? I don’t think their purpose is to get money…

Due to the unexpected high-level monsters here, Kang Chul-In realized that the person behind Pangaea World was actually an Overlord.

And while Kang Chul-In was thinking,


As if he had also realized something, Kwak-Jung’s face stiffened.



“This… There isn’t just one place this came from. There are two Lords behind Pangaea World.”

Kwak-Jung’s face was filled with confidence.

“The reason?”

“Milord has told me.”


“The place where these monsters came from are all the same. They’re either from the north, or southeastern side of Pangaea. Even though monsters like the orc or the ogre are everywhere, that cannot be said for these high-level monsters.”

At Kwak-Jung’s explanation, Kang Chul-In started to think fiercely.

The north of Pangaea.

And the southeast.

The Lords that would dare to do these things, and were located there…


Kang Chul-In smirked.


“Those bastards.”

“Have you figured something…”

“Alex Rothschild, and Albrecht Vilhelm.”


“There are only those two if it’s the North and the Southeast.”

“But no matter how I think about it, I don’t think their aim is to get money here…”

“I also agree.”

“Then that means that there’s a hidden meaning behind this…”

At that moment.

“Hmm… If even one of them manages to escape, it would be Jurassic Park [1] in real life. Wow… the world is a better place now… It’s now a fantasy come true…”

Dorian murmured, without thinking.



But listening to this, Kang Chul-In and Kwak-Jung’s head immediately turned to face Dorian.

“W-Why… Why are you guys…”

Dorian was startled.

“What did you just say?”

“What did you say?”

Kang Chul-In and Kwak-Jung asked Dorian at the same time.

“H-Huh? Steven Spielberg? Jurassic Park?”

And as soon as Dorian said that,

“We need to get off.”

“Yes, we do.”

Kang Chul-In and Kwak-Jung both jumped off the train at the same time.


Dorian was confused.


What Dorian said was true.

Pangaea World was Jurassic Park in real life.

Actually, it was even worse than that.

While in Jurassic Park, there were cloned dinosaurs that were able to escape, in Pangaea World, there were full-fledged monsters.


The strength of the dinosaurs if they were classified as monsters would be close to an ogre.

At best, maybe some were close to a Peacock Dragon?

Considering the fact that the dinosaurs did not have any special abilities, the Peacock Dragon was likely even stronger.

So, if the monsters of Pangaea here escaped…

The army would not be able to do anything, and Yongsan would become tainted with blood.


Kwak-Jung followed Kang Chul-In, who was running somewhere.

“Where are you going!?”

“I need to check something.”


“Follow me.”

And saying that, Kang Chul-In ran past the huge crowd of people, and went to the closest cage, where the Ignito was. The Ignito was a level 60 monster that looked like a golem covered in green flames.

“Excuse me.”

...Was what Kang Chul-In said, before he pushed through the crowd to get closer to the cage.



“Hey, you bastard! Where are you…?”

“Stop pushing!”

Though the tourists cursed at Kang Chul-In, Kang Chul-In didn’t stop. It was because he had to check something.

Don’t tell me…

Now, in front of the cage, Kang Chul-In stretched his finger out towards the cage.

What he touched was the ‘reinforced glass’. 

According to the RiverMoon company that owned Pangaea World, this glass was also used by NASA.

Of course, it was bullshit.

The most important thing to keep a high-level monster inside a cage safely was to make sure that there was a powerful mage or wizard casting the ‘reinforce’ or ‘restraint shackles’ spells occasionally, not the material.

Pzzt, Pzzt!

Mana that was concentrated on Kang Chul-In’s finger flowed into the glass.

The glass started to vibrate,


And a small crack appeared on the glass.

Even though the other tourists were not able to recognize it, Kang Chul-In could see the tiny crack that appeared.

“Crazy bastards.”

And looking at what had happened, Kang Chul-In swore.

“M-Milord… Huk… Huk…”

Kwak-Jung also appeared in front of Kang Chul-In, panting.

“What… is it? Is there… something…”

“This is a ticking time bomb.”


“The material over here is cracking even now. Give it 2-3 days? I guarantee that it’ll crack by then.”

“Ha… Then should we ask Nilus or the princess to come and chant magic in order to reinforce the material…?”

Even though Kwak-Jung proposed an idea,


Kang Chul-In quickly shot it down.

“I’ve heard that regarding spells of buffing or increasing hardness of material, the material will prioritize the first person’s spell. And even if we manage to get rid of that spell, it’s impossible to cast a spell over that material for the next 12 hours.”


“Unless we have the person that casted the spell with us, it’s impossible to fix.”

“Which means…”

“3 days later, this cage will break.”

The thing that they worried about most was about to come true.



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