Chapter 167: Are You Looking For This?

The reason that Lee Gong-Myung was afraid wasn’t simply because of the terrifying aura that Kang Chul-In was emitting. It was also because he had noticed that there was a small girl in Kang Chul-In’s arms,

A girl? D-Don’t tell me…! Overlord Kang Chul-In broke through Baruk Al-Yusuf’s army just to save… a girl? With his life on the line?

Lee Gong-Myung started to think quickly.

I-I’m sure that’s someone in his family. It might be his daughter or his little sister. If not, there’s no way that he would risk his life just for a simple girl.

Lee Gong-Myung’s guess was correct.

“Is that… your daughter?”

Lee Gong-Myung asked cautiously. 

“Does it look like that?”

“Yes, it does.”

“That’s right. She’s my daughter.”

Kang Chul-In agreed readily.

“She was kidnapped by Sheville Polansky, the lord of the Bittermoon territory.”


“What father would just stand by if their daughter was kidnapped? Did you not watch Taken?

Kang Chul-In asked.

Both Liam Neeson and Kang Chul-In had jumped into enemy territory willingly in order to save their respective daughters.


Lee Gong-Myung laughed, nearly speechless.

“Taken… I guess so. The scale seems a little big, though.”

“Is that so?”

“How many have you killed so far?”

“Maybe a thousand? I don’t really count when I kill people.”

Kang Chul-In answered, unshaken.

“Amazing… I didn’t know you were someone like this.”

From Kang Chul-In’s responses, Lee Gong-Myung could tell what kind of person Kang Chul-In was.

Ambition and bold. That was Kang Chul-In. He was a person that would be willing to do anything in order to reach their goal.

This kind of person couldn’t be predicted once they set their minds to something, as they would be willing to do anything.

“Well… I think this is enough probing, so shall we have a chat face to face now?”

Laughing, Kang Chul-In started to move towards the edge of the cliff.

This man… is trying to kill me!

Lee Gong-Myung could feel cold sweat pouring down his back, his heartbeat starting to increase, and his legs start to shake. Even though his mind remained cool, his body didn’t follow his will.

Not… negotiable.

Lee Gong-Myung completely erased the notion of trying to negotiate with Kang Chul-In.

Lee Gong-Myung… you die here.

Kang Chul-In’s thoughts were that different.

To him, Lee Gong-Myung was a great enemy that couldn’t be kept alive.

Unlike the useless lord that was Rothschild that only knew how to rely on his money, Lee Gong-Myung was extremely smart. After all, the reason that Alex Rothschild was able to push Kang Chul-In to his doom was because he had Lee Gong-Myung by his side.

Lee Gong-Myung was a big obstacle in Kang Chul-In’s path to becoming the emperor of Pangaea. Even bigger than Alex Rothschild.

“I’ll be back.”

After saying that to the Altaica and the sleeping Arshelly…


Kang Chul-In jumped towards the other cliff, where Lee Gong-Myung was.


Looking at this, Lee Gong-Myung’s eyes were filled with even more shock and fear.

The distance that separated the two cliffs was massive.

The originally short and narrow canyon had become wider because of Lee Gong-Myung’s traps, and now they had at least 150 metres splitting them apart.

He couldn’t believe it.

Even though he was an Overlord, he was trying to jump 150 metres with a standing long jump.

It wasn’t like he had some flight abilities, or like he was the Hulk from Marvel.

He was closing the distance extremely quick, as he streaked across the sky like a rocket.

Looking at this, Lee Gong-Myung clenched onto his White Rain Fan harder.

The only thing that could save him from this situation was the White Rain Fan.

The White Rain Fan had the powers of ‘calling the rain and wind’, as well as ‘moving the mountains and rivers’.

I can do it!

Lee Gong-Myung put all of his remaining mana into the White Rain Fan.

Kang Chul-In was currently midair, and it was practically impossible for him to dodge in that state. This was Lee Gong-Myung's chance.

The moment when Kang Chul-In’s feet weren’t on the ground!


A white breeze started to swirl around Lee Gong-Myung’s fan.



Lee Gong-Myung swung his fan in the direction of Kang Chul-In. Using the power of the wind, he was trying to push Kang Chul-In down.


The fierce winds traveled to where Kang Chul-In was, and tried to pull him down.


But unexpectedly, Kang Chul-In laughed.


Call whatever winds you want.

Kang Chul-In had the authority ‘Vortex’, which was able to completely overpower the winds that the White Rain Fan could bring.

“Take this.”

Saying this, Kang Chul-In’s right hand glowed with a blue light, and the vortex met with Lee Gong-Myung’s winds.

And the result,


Was an overwhelming victory for Kang Chul-In and the vortex.

After negating Lee Gong-Myung’s attack, the vortex started to fly towards Lee Gong-Myung.


Looking the massive vortex flying towards him, Lee Gong-Myung nearly let go of the fan in his hands.

To think that Kang Chul-In would be able to counter this attack… it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say he had no future left.

I need to run…

Lee Gong-Myung threw his body with the remaining strength he had.


And the vortex swallowed the area that Lee Gong-Myung had been in.


After returning to the Bittermoon territory, Baruk Al-Yusuf called all of his troops, and hurriedly started to retreat towards his territory.

“Slow, too slow! Hurry up already!”

Since Baruk Al-Yusuf continued to command the soldiers, the soldiers didn’t even have time to rest.


“So… tired.”

This was a bad and stupid use of one’s army.

If Baruk Al-Yusuf was smart, he wouldn’t have moved his army from here even if he had to sacrifice his territory.

It was idiotic to try and return to Anatolia quickly after conquering the Bittermoon territory just 3 hours prior.

And not only that, but it was nighttime.

They needed at least a day to rest after fighting the battle, so it was obvious that the soldiers would be extremely exhausted.

What would he be able to do even if he returned to Anatolia when his army was so exhausted?

Even if Baruk Al-Yusuf used his authority to empower his troops, they wouldn’t be able to fight unless they had stamina left.

“Quickly! I told you to move faster!”

But under pressure, Baruk Al-Yusuf didn’t have a cool mind.

Anatolia was a key piece in Baruk Al-Yusuf’s dream of building an Islam empire within Pangaea. It was a treasure that Baruk Al-Yusuf couldn’t give up no matter what.

“These slow bastards…”

Unsatisfied with the marching speed, Baruk Al Yusuf shouted.

“Anyone that falls behind will be executed…”

Just when Baruk Al-Yusuf was shouting---


“What’s that?!”

“Are they doing fireworks…”

Some soldiers looked up at the night sky, and questioned.

“What are you doing, in the middle of…”

Angrily, Baruk Al-Yusuf turned his gaze towards where the other soldiers were looking.

Something’s shining?

There, he could see some shining things falling. A lot of them, and extremely quickly!

“What the fuck…?”

At this unexpected situation, Baruk Al-Yusuf swore.


At that moment, one of the soldiers put their hands out in curiosity at what these shining things were. Then,


That soldier’s head blew up.


At this sudden explosion, everyone looked over.

Or to be precise, they tried to, but couldn’t.


Because that explosion was just the beginning.



Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everywhere, small explosions occurred.

Although the blast radius wasn’t that big, it was extremely effective.


The sound of rumbling hooves shook the ground…

“Where are you running!?”

“You weak trash!”

And around 1000 cavalrymen ambushed the Anatolia soldiers from the back. They were soldiers wearing black--- the cavalry of the Laputa army!

That wasn’t all.

Flap flap!

With large flapping noises---



Wyverns started to pack up together and fly over the Anatolian soldiers. These were the reinforcements that Kwak-Jung had called.


“I’m here!”

A man that was riding on the biggest wyvern roared.


The wyvern rider, Dorian Explorer, shouted Kang Chul-In’s name.

“I’m here! I’m here to repay my debts!!”

Dorian shouted to someone who wasn’t there.

“We go!”

Dorian jumped off the wyvern.


Landing perfectly and rolling like an action star, Dorian stood up.

“Now, let's…”

When Dorian was about to show off his confidence and begin the fight, he started to look around him, as if something were weird.

“Uh… Well, haha…”

Dorian laughed awkwardly.

“Who the hell is this guy…?”

“What’s this bastard doing…?”

The soldiers of Anatolia all stared at Dorian, as if they were looking at an idiot.

“Hey, why only… why me! Hey! You traitors!”

Dorian shouted towards the sky, or more accurately, towards his allies.

No one had jumped off with him.

The only person that had descended was Dorian.

Which meant,

“I-I’m, I'm just going to go now, okay…? Haha…”

That Dorian had just jumped into enemy territory by himself, just like an idiot.

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