Chapter 164: Activate, trap card! (pt. 2)

While Lee Gong-Myung was fighting against Kang Chul-In in the western canyon…

“Kang Chul-In… you rat-like bastard!”

Baruk Al-Yusuf was red-faced with anger.

“Chase! Quickly! Chase after him right now!!! Go!”

This rage of his was what forced the soldiers of Anatolia to chase after Kang Chul-In and attempt to catch him.

Even though many soldiers started to fall down to the ground due to this forced marching, Baruk Al-Yusuf didn’t care.

In order to catch Kang Chul-In, Baruk Al-Yusuf was prepared to do anything.

Who cared if some troops died during the march?

To Baruk Al-Yusuf, the soldiers were expendable chess pieces that could be replaced at any time.


“S-Stop! You’re stepping on me! Stop!”

Some of the fallen troops were ‘team killed’ by their fellow Anatolian soldiers that stepped on them. This happened because thousands of soldiers had to march down a narrow path.

“Go! Don’t stop!”

But without taking so much as a glance at the fallen soldiers, Baruk Al-Yusuf urged the soldiers to go on.

Kang Chul-In…

The only thing that filled Baruk Al-Yusuf’s mind right now was revenge against Kang Chul-In.

You dare…? My beard... I won’t let you go! I will make you experience all of the torture that exists in this world… all of it!

Baruk Al-Yusuf’s chin was in an absolute mess. Even though he had barely managed to dodge Kang Chul-In’s vortex, it had still skimmed his chin.

Thanks to this, the beard and mustache that Baruk Al-Yusuf had spent so long growing had been ripped off completely. He had lost his ‘pride’ as a Muslim man.


When the Anatolian army finally made its way over to the western valley, a messenger came running from the direction of the Bittermoon territory and started to shout.

“Great Khalifa-!”

The messenger shouted.

Khalifa… We need to stop the army…”

At this abrupt shout, Baruk Al-Yusuf turned his head and stared at the messenger.

The face of the messenger was completely pale, and as if he were terrified.


The messenger made his way over to Baruk Al-Yusuf, and kneeled down in front of the Giant Lizard.

“E-Emergency, it’s an emergency!”

Even though this was his job, the messenger was shivering in fright. He was afraid of how Baruk Al-Yusuf would react to his news.

“Emergency…? What is it?”


“Speak quickly! What has happened that makes you tell me to turn the army around?”

Baruk Al-Yusuf asked the messenger.

Even though he was going to listen to what this ‘emergency’ was, he was still planning on chasing after Kang Chul-In. He wasn’t planning on turning his army around for something unless it threatened his territory.



“P-Please don't get too angry…”

“Shut up, and talk already!”

“T-The thing is… Anatolia…”


“Overlord Hecate has started to rain explosives down on our farmlands…”


Baruk Al-Yusuf’s eyes widened.

Overlord Hecate?

Why would Hecate, who was in the very west of Ishtar start to attack the farmlands of Anatolia?


But that wasn’t the end.

“Overlord Dorian Explorer has lead special forces and has descended onto the Anatolia mosque to terrorize the place using bombs…”


“Y-Yes, Khalifa…! And apparently, he even left a message for you in your bedroom.”

With trembling hands, the messenger handed a scroll over to Baruk Al-Yusuf.

What was written on the scroll was a language that the Pangeans couldn’t understand.

You reap what you sow! Lol :)

By: Dorian Edward Explorer


Reading this message, Baruk Al-Yusuf’s face seemed like it was about to explode from rage.

Truth be told, he didn’t think that the poor and slovenly Dorian Explorer would dare to terrorize his territory like this.

He also didn’t know that he would terrorize them using Islam methods. 

Dorian’s terror attack was actually an act of small revenge.

Formerly part of the British Special Forces, or the ‘SAS’, Dorian hated Islam terrorists after losing his friends in battle.

Since Baruk Al-Yusuf was the one mainly behind some of those deaths, Dorian had written the message ‘you reap what you sow’ as revenge.

“Dorian Explorer… I will also take your head!”

Though it was obvious, Baruk Al-Yusuf didn’t try to understand Dorian’s message. He was just angry at these terrorism attempts.



“I understand now, so tell this to Jellet. I will return after catching Kang Chul-In with my army.”

Rather than returning to his own territory at that instant, Baruk Al-Yusuf decided to continue to chase Kang Chul-In while leaving the other things to his secretary, Jellet.

Kang Chul-In. You used Dorian and Hecate to shake my territory, huh? Huhu… It doesn’t matter. Do you think that Anatolia would really fall so easily?

Baruk Al-Yusuf had his own plans.

I can just restore my farmlands after, and I can take crops from nearby Lords if we start to lack food.

Although he did lose his elites, Baruk Al-Yusuf still had a big army numbering over ten thousand.


But after listening to the messenger’s following report, Baruk Al-Yusuf had no choice but to change his plans.

“T-The thing is…”


“The Lords of the 4 nearby territories have also started to attack Anatolia at the same time. The situation isn’t looking so good…”


“Not only that...!”

It seemed that the sky was falling down on Baruk Al-Yusuf when he heard that 4 more Lords were attacking him, but it seemed that the messenger wasn’t finished talking just yet.

“The territories that we had conquered have simultaneously started to rebel against us. Our territory’s slaves have also gone outside, and...”


“According to secretary Jellet, it will be difficult to last for even 3 days if the Khalifa doesn’t return!”

“T-This…! This…”


“Shut up!”


“You dare to give me such terrible news!?”

Baruk Al-Yusuf started to take his anger out on the poor messenger.

And he didn’t stop at just shouting at him.

“Eat him right now!”

“K-Khalifa! P-Please have m…”


Baruk Al-Yusuf ordered his giant Lizard, or what was commonly known as the ‘desert dragon’. 


Tilting his head as if saying ‘lucky me’,


The messenger was eaten alive by the desert dragon.


Crack crack!

The terrifying sound of cracking bones could be heard, and from the desert dragon's mouth, the messenger’s blood could be seen leaking out. If the messenger had made a mistake, it was giving this bad news to Baruk Al-Yusuf.

“Kang Chul-In… you lucky bastard…”

Baruk Al-Yusuf gritted his teeth.

“Hmph! Though I am retreating,”

Baruk Al-Yusuf murmured.

“You are still playing into the hands of Lee Gong-Myung, so I will have you kneel by my feet eventually!”

It was too early to be disappointed.

Baruk Al-Yusuf still believed that Lee Gong-Myung would avenge him, and bring Kang Chul-In’s head to him.

“All troops… Retreat!”

Still reluctant, Baruk Al-Yusuf was forced to command his troops to go back.


At the same time---

“Kuu… very good!”

From afar, Kwak-Jung watched as the Laputa soldiers tore through the Anatolian soldiers.

“Come on now, finish it already!”

The battle was so one-sided that the number of injured or deceased Laputa soldiers could be counted on one hand. 

“Hmm… Let’s go to plan B since we’re almost finished here…”

Kwak-Jung murmured with a sinister smile on his face.

“Strategist Kwak, what do you mean?”

James, who was next to him, asked.

“Weren’t we going to wait here for our lord?”

“Huh? Wait for the lord?”


“Hey, why are you worrying about someone who’s obviously going to get out alive? I’m telling you, that’s a waste of energy. Don’t worry.”


“Our lord is a monster. He’s probably out there taking stuff that’s worth some money while running away leisurely.”

As if Kwak-Jung had psychic powers, he was able to somehow guess Kang Chul-In’s item situation.

“Strategist Kwak!”

James raised his voice.

“Although our lord is strong, there is a limit to how strong a person can be. Even if he does come out safely, if Baruk Al-Yusuf takes his army and chases after our lord…”



“Right now, that psychopathic terrorist doesn’t have the leisure to chase our lord. The fire that has fallen onto his foot needs to be taken care of first, so he probably isn’t chasing our lord. The probability that he has turned his troops around are… maybe 99.9%? Well, that’s just what I’m guessing. Pfft.”

“Huh? Turned his troops around? That Baruk Al-Yusuf?”

“Yes, that very one.”

“H-How do you…?”

“I mean, his territory is getting destroyed as we speak, so would he not turn his troops around? At this point…”

Kwak-Jung spoke, while laughing.

“His territory is in the middle of being ruined. Kyakyakya!”

After laughing for quite a while, Kwak-Jung’s eyes started shining. The battle had finally finished.

“Now, let’s go.”

“Go? Go where? Are we going to save our lord?”

James asked.

“Hmph… I told you, that’s a waste of energy.”


“We will throw away our Lord!”


Kwak-Jung spoke words that would make any official startled.

“We will head north.”


“Well, we can’t let them go home so easily… Huhuhu…”

Rather than trying to save Kang Chul-In, Kwak-Jung wanted to stop Baruk Al-Yusuf from returning to his territory. 

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