Chapter 161. Breakthrough (pt. 3)

“S-Stop! Don’t come close!”

“Try and 'chop' me then.”

“Don’t… don’t come any clo---, kuk...”

But ignoring Abubakar's pleas, Kang Chul-In grabbed his throat.

“Hmm… you look kind of familiar.”

Kang Chul-In tilted his head.


“Where have I seen your…”

At that moment, Kang Chul-In’s eyes narrowed. He had remembered something.

“Ah. That’s right.”


“Are you not...”

“W-What are you…”

“A terrorist?”


“I remember seeing you on the news.”

Of course, it was hard not to know Abubakar’s face.

Why wouldn’t he?

Anyone somewhat interested in the media would have come across Abubakar’s face at least once in the news.


“Your bounty… wasn't it 20 million dollars?”

Abubakar had a ridiculous bounty on him.

Of course, even though Abubakar wasn’t as infamous as Osama Bin Laden or Baruk Al-Yusuf, 20 million dollars wasn’t a small number.

“And if I remember correctly… just bringing your corpse was 20 million dollars?”

Kang Chul-In’s eyes started to shine.

It was greed for money! He needed money!


Before this, Abubakar didn’t know what fear meant.

I-I’m going to… die?

Although he had hurt countless innocents through killing, rape, terrorism and other things, Abubakar himself had never been subject to these activities. He had always been the predator.


I-I’m afraid… A-Am I really going to die?

The man in front of him, Kang Chul-In, was different.

“20 million dollars, huh.”

Kang Chul-In’s grabbed Abubakar’s neck even harder.


Abubakar begged.

In front of Kang Chul-In, he was just a coward wearing the mask of a terrorist.

“I don’t know why you went around rampaging when this is all you’ve got.”

Kang Chul-In stared at Abubakar in disgust.

Even Orlean, who had previously been a street performer in Paris, wasn’t as bad as this.

At least he had the dignity of a Lord.

Though he didn’t have the power to defend his territory, which is arguably the most important thing for a lord, he was still a man who knew his responsibilities.

Because of this, Kang Chul-In had let him go, under the excuse that Sheville Polansky’s messenger had come.

“A villain like you makes me want to throw up.”

To him, it would have been better if Abubakar had said, "I’m the terrorist that everyone’s afraid of, so I don’t care!" But that wasn’t what Abubakar said. If not for the bounty, he wouldn’t be talking to him like this in the first place. 



But Kang Chul-In was swift, and decisive.


Abubakar’s head hit the ground.


At the same time, 15km away from the Bittermoon territory---

“You bastards!”

A large draconian, Drakan, shouted before jumping into the troops of Anatolia.



Whenever Drakan swung his greatsword, soldiers fell like leaves. 

At that moment.

-Allahu Akbar!

A man whose body was glowing red started to run towards Drakan.

“General Drakan!”

Lucia shouted, before dashing towards Drakan.

“You dare!”

Lucia jumped in between the suicide bombing soldier and Drakan, putting up Aegis.

At that moment, the explosion occurred.


With a large noise, Lucia was pushed back half a step, but that was it. Her defense was truly impenetrable.

“Thank you, secretary!”

Drakan laughed, showing his thanks.

“No problem.”

But… Lucia wasn’t able to save everyone. Even her shield, Aegis, had limited range.


A few elites of the Laputa army fell.

They had died, swept by the shock of the explosion.

“These crazy and dirty bastards! How dare they come up with such vicious methods!”

Drakan swore.

As an honorable draconian warrior, he couldn’t accept the methods that the Anatolian army used. 

“General Drakan.”

Whilst Drakan was raging, Lucia pointed in front of them.

“They’re coming… again.”


“It seems like we’ve been surrounded.”

Lucia was right.

From far away, they could see countless soldiers marching up towards them.

“Ha… It seems like it’s truly hard to fight against such large numbers.”

Drakan shook his head, tired of this.

Lucia and Drakan had been fighting against the part of the Anatolia army that vastly outstripped their numbers, injuring or killing almost 2000 Anatolian soliders.

Among their 500 elite soldiers, there wasn’t a single one who couldn’t fight almost 100 normal soldiers by themselves. This was the result of Kang Chul-In’s intense, and focused training.

But as humans, they had a limit too.

Even though Lucia and Drakan showed off their immense strength and used guerrilla tactics to fight, they couldn’t massacre the enemies that had almost ten times their number.

“I will stand in the front.”

At this moment, Lucia stepped forward.

Even though the enemies had nearly 3000 soldiers, and even though they were surrounded… Lucia didn’t hesitate.

“Go, general Drakan.”

Lucia motioned, and persuaded Drakan.

“What do you mean!?”

“We can’t all just die here, can we!?”

“Then are you going to fight all of those soldiers by yourself? No! I would rather face them alone than let that happen! Secretary, you should be the one taking the soldiers and running!”


Lucia shook her head.

“General Drakan! Milord has even more enemies fighting against him right now! Compared to the trials and dangers he is facing, this is probably nothing! I am his secretary, and this is something that I am responsible for!”

“...Seems like you won’t change your mind.”

Hearing this, Drakan sighed.

“...Then I will go on first.”

He turned away.

“We will pray for your escape!”

“You can do it, sir!”

“Follow me!”

Drakan shouted at the 200 surviving soldiers that wished for his safe escape.

“We won’t go!”

“I will stay and fight!”

“How can we leave secretary Lucia all by herself!?”

Even though the soldiers disagreed,

“You idiots!”

Drakan shouted.

“If we get wiped out here, Milord won’t have an escape route! Shouldn’t we live first and continue to use guerrilla tactics in order to secure our lord an escape path! Stop being stubborn and follow me!”


“Secretary Lucia…”

The soldiers were hesitant. It seemed that they didn’t want to leave Lucia here alone.


At that moment---

“Kya~~! Look at this beautiful camaraderie! As expected of our army, absolutely stunning. I like it!”

Out of nowhere, a laughing voice could be heard. 



It was a somewhat familiar voice; the voice of someone that had a smart yet cheeky mind.


The man who had laughed and spoke earlier appeared.

“Ah… this was like watching a war movie… Maybe we should have came later…”

“Strategist Kwak!”

Drakan was startled.

“W-Why are you all the way here…!? What about our lord’s orders…?”

“Hmph… I knew someone was going to say that shit. Damn it all.”

“What is…?”

“Whatever, just fight.”


“I’ve brought reinforcements, so fight. We can wipe them all out.”

Kwak-Jung laughed.

From his eyes, one could see immense confidence.

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