Chapter 150. The March of Apocalypse. (Pt. 1)


The gates of Laputa opened.


The loud sounds of horses’ hooves clattering on the ground reverberated around the area.

The 5000-man army with Kang Chul-In at the front all had determined expressions on their faces.

We will save the princess!

Death to the one who dared to kidnap her!

We will stomp on the Bittermoon territory!

The rage and hatred that the soldiers of Laputa had built up for the one who kidnapped their princess was so huge that it coalesced to form one invisible, terrifying aura.

It was obvious.

Their princess, the lovely princess Arshelly was kidnapped.

This was basically the same as if England’s Queen Elizabeth had gotten kidnapped. 

The goal to save their princess and their responsibility as soldiers of Laputa had made them into terrifying soldiers, ready for war.

“We will speed...

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