Chapter 150. The March of Apocalypse. (Pt. 1)


The gates of Laputa opened.


The loud sounds of horses’ hooves clattering on the ground reverberated around the area.

The 5000-man army with Kang Chul-In at the front all had determined expressions on their faces.

We will save the princess!

Death to the one who dared to kidnap her!

We will stomp on the Bittermoon territory!

The rage and hatred that the soldiers of Laputa had built up for the one who kidnapped their princess was so huge that it coalesced to form one invisible, terrifying aura.

It was obvious.

Their princess, the lovely princess Arshelly was kidnapped.

This was basically the same as if England’s Queen Elizabeth had gotten kidnapped. 

The goal to save their princess and their responsibility as soldiers of Laputa had made them into terrifying soldiers, ready for war.

“We will speed up the march!”

Kang Chul-In spoke, quickly urging the army north.

This rescue plan was a race against time.

They had to save Arshelly before her mana ran out, or something terrible would happen to her.

There are 2 territories in the way of our territory and Sheville Polansky’s, and 2 behind. 5 in total… we only have this many troops, while the enemies will have more. Even though it would be best to move northwards without shedding blood… At a moment like this, if we are backstabbed… that would spell the end of us.

Even while marching, Kwak-Jung was setting plans.

He was the strategist.

Rather than being thrown around by his emotions, he had to deal with the situation coolly, and come up with the best possible plan for them. 


Kwak-Jung opened his mouth.

“What is it?”

“There are 5 territories on our way north, all lined up.”

“I know that.”

“And our aim is the third one, straight in the middle.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“If we want to beat that bastard up, we have 2 territories we need to pass. Even though this may seem a little rude, Milord definitely has to trample those territories before going further north.”

“What’s the reason for that?”

Kang Chul-In questioned, in an extremely cold voice.

“It’s because we need to be careful of what comes from behind us. Think about what would happen if all 5 of the territories allied and sandwiched us. We wouldn’t be able to survive that.”


Kwak-Jung added.

“There’s a high chance that the weak lords will ally with each other to knock down a stronger lord.”

Why wouldn’t he know that?

Kang Chul-In had also struggled in the past because of this. He also knew better than anyone of what would happen if smaller lords allied together.

“Very well. I won’t trust the two territories in the very front.”

“Yes, milord. I think that we shouldn’t even declare war on them. The answer is to quickly trample the territories and break everything in the way. Even though Milord's infamy might go up, what does that matter when we need to save the princess? Our aim is to get to the princess quickly, and rescue her before any harm comes.”


But Kang Chul-In himself didn’t mind his infamy spreading.

If you weren’t my strategist, who could be?

He thought that Kwak-Jung was the perfect strategist for him.

Infamy going up?

Lords spreading that he was violent?

No matter what, Kang Chul-In was a villain.

He wasn’t like Rothschild who hid his true motives behind his back but was rather straight up a bad guy.

He had been planning on going and plundering from the other Lords, so what was stopping him now? It was good luck for Sheville Polansky that Kang Chul-In didn’t break into the Bittermoon territory by himself right now, and wreak havoc.


At that moment.

“3 kilometres in front of us, there are around 200 Cavalrymen approaching!”

Lucia’s shout reached Kang Chul-In’s ears.

And his response,

“Sweep them up.”

Was a death sentence.

“We will kill them all, and keep marching. There is no negotiating in this march.”

This was the start of what would later be recorded on the annals of history as: The March of Apocalypse.


Whilst the advance team that Lucia commanded swept up the cavalry, Kang Chul-In took out the Soul Core of Laputa, and held it up.

The Soul Core worked as a kind of Antenna, connecting Kang Chul-In to the Magic Satellites.

[Level 3 Cosmic Force, activate!]

Under Kang Chul-In’s will, the Cosmic Force started to activate.

[Level 3: Pulse Wave.]

There were currently 3 levels that Kang Chul-In could choose from, and he planned to activate the Pulse Wave in order to stop any communication in the territory.

It was so that the first Lord that stood in the way couldn’t use the Illusion Network to call for help, or warn the other Lords of Kang Chul-In’s existence.

[Pulse Wave]

Blasts a Pulse Wave at a designated area, turning off any communication in the area. 

Effect: Paralyzes Communication

Cooldown: 240 hours

Lasts for 10 hours

Price: 5000 gold (per blast)

-Can only use in a 500km radius from the Laputa territory

Though it was ridiculously expensive, money wasn’t what was important to Kang Chul-In right now.

To save Arshelly, a mere 5000 gold was nothing.

It was the same for tens of thousands of gold.

Because no matter how much it would cost, Kang Chul-In would gladly pay it to save Arshelly.

[Will you purchase the 1-time Pulse Wave? Yes / No]

Kang Chul-In pressed the ‘Yes’ button without hesitating, and immediately blasted the Pulse Wave towards the territory.

[Will you activate the Pulse Wave right now? Yes / No]

[Pulse Wave, launch approved! Time left until blast: 3… 2… 1… Launch!]

As Kang Chul-In approved of the blast, a blinding light flashed for a second, before creating a blue forcefield that covered the enemy’s territory.

“Until the enemy’s territory is destroyed.”

With a deep, cold voice, Kang Chul-In spoke to his soldiers. 

“We will not stop.”

And to this, the soldiers of Laputa answered enthusiastically.

“Yes, Lord!”

“All troops, charge!”

Kang Chul-In shouted.



Under Kang Chul-In’s [conquest] buff, the soldiers of Laputa started to rampage.


Sheville Polansky’s secret chamber was extremely luxurious.

A white chandelier attached on the ceiling. Luxurious mahogany furniture. An extremely beautiful carpet.

This area that was deep in the Bittermoon territory, made one think of a famous boutique in Europe.


Unlike the beautiful interior, the other things that were inside the chamber were terrifying and hideous.

Almost 50 glass cages, with children that had lost all signs of vitality.

Sheville Polansky truly was a psychopathic child murderer. 

“Beautiful, how pretty.”

Not realizing his impending doom, Sheville Polansky was busy enjoying his time.


Looking at Arshelly, Sheville Polansky laughed in joy.

“How are you so pretty…? This grandpa is so happy to find you coincidentally. Come on and get out of that damned forcefield now. You will be this grandpa’s beautiful decoration. Forever and ever, my child…”

Sheville Polansky muttered, entranced by Arshelly’s beauty. 

And to this, Arshelly…

I… won’t forgive this!

Was burning up in fury, rather than being scared. It was as expected of Kang Chul-In’s daughter. 

“Huu… I will specially make it so that…”

Whilst Sheville Polansky was muttering.


A beeping sound started to ring in the chamber, and Sheville Polansky’s secretary, Ocatnus’s, voice could be heard.

-Milord, an emergency call has come.

“Tell them that I’m busy right now, and that I’ll call them back. Haven’t I told you already? Don’t bother me when I’m enjoying myself in my chamber. Are you disobeying my orders?”

-N-No, sire! It’s because it was such an important…

“What is it to be so important? Is there something important enough to disturb my enjoyment?”

Speaking to Octanus, Sheville Polansky’s voice suggested that he was extremely agitated.

-M-Milord, it truly is something important.

But Octanus didn’t stop his report.

-According to the report from the Muirdon territory… 

The Muirdon territory was located at the very North of the Ishtar region and was the territory that shared its borders with Anatolia, the territory of Baruk Al Yusuf.

-It seems that Baruk Al-Yusuf’s army is planning to come southward...!

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