Chapter 148. Finding the Perpetrator.


The armrest of the throne Kang Chul-In sat on shattered into pieces, unable to withstand Kang Chul-In’s force.


At such a ridiculous event, Kang Chul-In was unable to come to his senses immediately.

“Someone kidnapped my daughter…”

Kang Chul-In’s eyes started to glow with anger.

“What dog-like bastard dares to kidnap my one and only daughter?”

Though it was a deep growl, the sound seemed as if it came from the greatest depths of hell. Even though Kang Chul-In hadn’t shouted, one could tell how angry he was through his eyes.


No one spoke.

What kind of disaster was this?

The princess of the Laputa territory was kidnapped?

This was one of the worst things that could happen to them.

To Kang Chul-In, Arshelly was one of the only existences that made him show his caring, humane side. To kidnap her was suicide. Kang Chul-In was someone that would kill not only the main perpetrator, but also the others involved, including their entire families.


Kang Chul-In called Podolski with a low voice.

“Yes... Milord…”

Covered in blood, Podolski barely managed to answer.

Even though he was covered in injuries and it seemed like he would faint at any moment, Podolski resisted the urge to lay down.

This was his responsibility and duty as the subordinate of Kang Chul-In.

He had to say what happened, even if he died from the injuries; even if he died due to Kang Chul-in’s hands.

“Who was it?”


Podolski kneeled.

“T-This one was unable to identify the exact identity of the perpetrator…”

“You don’t know?”

“Please kill me!”

It meant that they had been attacked by people they didn’t know.

“So, you don’t know who they were…”

“Yes, milord… Urk…”

Podolski coughed out blood.


But Kang Chul-In didn’t seem to care about whether Podolski was coughing up blood or not. All he wanted to know was what happened.

“Tell me what you saw, heard, and felt. Without missing any details.”

“Yes, milord… Kuhuk.”

As Podolski tried to bow, he nearly fell on the ground. It seemed that he had reached his limits.


Alfred, who had been standing nearby, came forward.

“It seems difficult for Sir Podolski to make a full report in his current state. Let this old man help Podolski quickly recover so that…”

“N-No, it’s okay.”

Using his near super-human mental fortitude, Podolski stopped Alfred from helping him up.

“It was when we had… arrived at the river.”

Podolski tiredly started to explain.


Arshelly and Podolski had woken up extremely early, before traveling for around 5 hours to get to a river in the north.

“Sir Podolski!”

“Yes, princess?”

“Can I really catch a golden carp?”

Her large eyes shining, Arshelly asked Podolski.

“Of course, princess!”

Podolski answered, laughing.


“Of course, princess. Aren't you good at everything? I’m sure that you’ll be able to succeed! Even though they say that it’s an extremely rare breed of fish, I’m sure that you'll be able to catch it!”


Arshelly clenched her small fists enthusiastically.

Oh princess, you are truly too cute.

Podolski involuntarily smiled, looking at the cute and lovely Arshelly. 

“Come on. Golden carp! Let me get you so I can give you to grandmother~”

Arshelly sang.

That was right.

The reason why Arshelly was trying to catch this golden carp was so that she could offer it to her grandmother.

With an average length of 2.5 meters and a weight of 500 kilograms, the golden carp was an extremely rare breed of fish within Pangaea.

Though it would change depending on the situation, each fish was priced at around 2000 gold, or around 800,000 USD.

If a whale was like the lotto of the sea, the golden carp was the lotto of the river.

The scales of the golden carp weren’t just for decoration. They were truly made of gold, making them extremely useful for art and design.

And the meat.

The meat of the carp was extremely healthy, and it would even allow some normal people to get mana after consuming it.

Arshelly was planning on catching this fish and cooking it for her grandmother.

“Haha! You’ve caught another one?”

The fishing was quite successful.


“Haha, just how many is this now? Princess is definitely talented at this.”


Podolski was inwardly shocked.

Even though they hadn’t been able to catch the golden carp yet, it was a given that whenever Arshelly pulled up her fishing rod, an extremely large fish would come up. She had skill that would make fishermen blush in shame.


But Arshelly sighed.

“What is it, princess?”

“I still haven’t been able to catch the golden carp. Even though I've waited so long…”

“It’s only to be expected. The golden carp is an extremely rare catch that is normally a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

While Podolski was trying to cheer Arshelly up…


Arshelly used her full strength in tugging her fishing pole.


Don’t tell me!”

On the surface, one could barely see the golden outline of a fish. It was obvious that it was a golden carp.

“...It seems that some people do it in just 2 hours.”

Podolski muttered, in astonishment.

“Come on, let's help the princess!”

“Come on!”

An hour later.

Arshelly was finally able to use the help of Podolski and her escort soldiers to pull up the golden carp.


Looking at the beautiful carp, Arshelly gasped.

“It’s a very beautiful and big fish! I’m so happy! Now I can cook this for grandmother to eat!”

“Haha! Congratulations, prin…”

As Podolski was laughing and congratulating Arshelly,


A terrifying explosion sounded,


And with a single scream, a soldier fell down.


At an unexpected ambush, Podolski quickly turned his body.


There was nothing much that happened afterwards.

All that happened was that a small army had attacked them, and they were defeated.


Podolski called Kang Chul-In, tired.

“The leader of the kidnappers… The princess’s magic didn’t work against the person at all… All the magic... Me and the soldiers tried to protect…”

Podolski stopped mid-sentence multiple times. It seemed that he would soon die of blood loss.


Kang Chul-In added.

“Under… the commands of the princess… this subordinate came to report… to Milord… the princess… has used a spell… that transported her into another… pocket dimension…”

“Is she safe?

“She said… she could last… for at least a week…”

Podolski started to gasp for breath, 


And fell down on the ground. He had fainted after fulfilling his duty.


Kang Chul-In said.

“Quickly heal Podolski. Make sure that you definitely save him.”

“I will gladly comply, Milord!”

Alfred quickly left the hall, carrying Podolski.


The only sound that could be heard in the silent hall was Kang Chul-In’s cold sigh.

“All troops. We head out. We go north. We will head out and take the life of the perpetrator that kidnapped Arshelly.”

The orders were strange.

How could they go north and catch the person behind this when they didn’t know who the perpetrator was?

“I know who it is.”


Kwak-Jung answered.

“I know the person who kidnapped Arshelly, so just listen to my commands and don’t ask any more questions.”

Kang Chul-In pointed towards the map showing the Ishtar region.

“Over here.”

A territory located at the extreme north. It was the territory of the current 19th Ranked Lord, Sheville Polanski. 

This lord that had the ability to turn all magic into nothingness had also been conquered by Kang Chul-In in the past.

“This stupid bastard was the one who kidnapped my daughter.”


The soul core of Laputa in Kang Chul-In’s hands smashed against the area that Kang Chul-In was pointing at.

“Until I take the head of this ignorant bastard and get my daughter back, I will not stop.”

Kang Chul-In growled ferociously.

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