Chapter 147. A shocking event occurs

There are 5 Lords around this region. One Lord every week, so it’d take 5 weeks.

It would be an extremely easy for Kang Chul-In.

There was no need to even use the Cosmic Force.

Kang Chul-In knew all about the surroundings, and he also knew what kind of Lords there were.

How hard would it be for him to conquer some Lords that he had already defeated in his previous life? 

Whatever the challenge was, it was much easier the second time around.

The problem is Baruk Al Yusuf and Rothschild.

Kang Chul-In’s true attention was elsewhere.

Even though Rothschild’s current pace is quite frightening...

Rothschild was currently ranked 14th among the all Lords, coming up the leaderboard at an extremely quick pace.

The one I need to really watch out for is Baruk Al-Yusuf.

Currently, the biggest threat to Kang Chul-In was none other than the psychopathic Baruk Al-Yusuf.

Kang Chul-In had only brought 40% of his entire force here, with the remaining 60% still stationed within the Pandemonium region. But unlike him, Baruk Al-Yusuf had all his troops with him.

If they faced off right now, it was obvious that it would be a difficult fight. Wasn’t that why he trusted Kwak-Jung?

I’ll trust your potential, Kwak-Jung.

Even though Kang Chul-In didn’t like Kwak-Jung’s normal gangster-like behavior, that didn’t matter when it came to war. To Kang Chul-In, all was okay if Kwak-Jung was able to show his worth during battle.


At that moment, Kwak-Jung arrived.

“Have you called for me, Milord?”

“Why are you rushing so much? Calm down.”

“T-That… Haha… Isn’t it obvious that I would rush here after hearing that Milord was looking for me?”

Kwak-Jung rubbed the back of his head. It wasn’t the first time Kang Chul-In had experienced this.


“Why are you in such a mess?”

Kwak-Jung’s current appearance was quite a shock.


“Take a look at yourself.”

Kang Chul-In said, pointing at the mirror.


Looking at his reflection, Kwak-Jung gasped.

“H-Hahaha... Hahaha…”

Kwak-Jung’s embarrassed laugh filled Kang Chul-In’s room.

To think that he is really the one to make all those achievements in the future…

Kang Chul-In pressed his fingers against his forehead, speechless.

Kwak-Jung was in an absolute mess.

He had been scratched, with claw marks on his face and on his shirt. His hair was also in a mess. 

“...It seems like you were taught a lesson by that cat-secretary of yours.”


“If you’re trying to hook up with her, try to do it properly. And try not to get beaten up.”

“What can I do? I just touched her ears once and she started to scratch me…”

“...Great job.”

It seemed like Kwak-Jung truly didn’t have a talent for handling women.

And while they were chatting, more and more of the officials arrived in Kang Chul-In’s room. 

When they had finally all arrived, Kang Chul-In opened his mouth.

“I’m sure you all know why I called you here. We will start our conquest activities again. Tomorrow afternoon, I am planning send an advance team to go check out the other Lords first.”

Kang Chul-In said.

“Who will volunteer to be the leader of this advance team?”

And the reaction to this,

“Milord, I would like to…”

“This one will…”

“Leave it to me…”

Almost everyone put their hands up, enthusiastically volunteering.

It was as expected of Kang Chul-In’s subordinates; they had the same eagerness as Kang Chul-In to do battle.


“H-Help me!!”

“P-Please… we surrender…”

A terrifying, one-sided slaughter was occurring.

-Allahu Akbar! [1]

-Allahu Akbar!

-Allahu Akbar!

In the course of a year, the soldiers of Anatolia had completely been brainwashed into becoming Muslim warriors, fighting for their religion.  

These soldiers mercilessly slaughtered the enemy’s soldiers, before passing through the castle gate.

Lee Gong-Myung…

Baruk Al-Yusuf looked at the enemy’s falling territory, and thought of the ‘present’ that Alex Rothschild had given him.

Lee Gong-Myung.

This strategist under Alex Rothschild made Baruk Al-Yusuf question whether he was truly human.

Great Khalifa, if you give this humble one control over the military, I will definitely slaughter and punish the non-believers around this place in a month.

Baruk Al-Yusuf recalled the conversation he had with Lee Gong-Myung.

In a month, I will take 2 territories in the East, and one territory in the North.

That doesn’t seem possible, non-believer. How are you planning on conquering 3 territories in a month?

I’m sure that I can do it, Great Khalifa.

And if you can’t keep your words?

If I can’t do it, please take the head of this poor subordinate.

And if you succeed?

If I’m able to keep my promises… please have the grace of allying with my Lord, Alex Rothschild. 

The result was a big success.

Exactly 26 days after Lee Gong-Myung was given control of Anatolia’s military, he succeeded in conquering 3 territories. 

The territory that was falling right now was the last of the 3.

“Great Khalifa.”

While Baruk Al-Yusuf was inwardly shocked, Lee Gong-Myung came near him and spoke.

“Thanks to the Great Khalifa handing this one control over the military, I was able to seize 3 territories within a month.”

“Isn’t that all due to you?”

“That’s not true. This one is just a mere tactician, so all I did was think of some plans. If not for the Great Khalifa’s powerful army, how could I have been able to conquer the other territories?”


Baruk Al-Yusuf touched his beard.

Do I have to kill him?

Baruk Al-Yusuf seriously contemplated.

To let a man of this caliber go... It was too frightening to think of the consequences if the relationship between him and Alex Rothschild worsened.

If he were my subordinate…

No matter how useless someone was, Lee Gong-Myung would be able to turn them into an Overlord. That was the Lee Gong-Myung that Baruk Al-Yusuf had watched for the last 26 days.

And due to this, it made Baruk Al-Yusuf want to either kill Lee Gong-Myung or persuade him to join his banner, rather than allying with Alex Rothschild.

“Great Khalifa.”

At that moment.

“This one has just thought about it, but how about going south to conquer some more territories? Since I have a little more time, it makes me want to service the Great Khalifa a bit more. If you give me just two more weeks, I’ll definitely make 2 of the 5 territories in the South yours.”


“Yes, Great Khalifa.”

It was a tempting offer.

Was there a reason to decline, when such a genius strategist was offering his free service?

“Very well.”

Baruk Al-Yusuf nodded.

“We will go south.”


“Lucia will be the leader.

But first of all…”

When Kang Chul-In was about to speak---


A voice that was closer to a scream could be heard. It was the voice of Podolski.


The tightly closed door to the meeting was opened.


Podolski, who was supposed to have gone with Arshelly to fish spoke, his body matted with blood and sweat.

“T-The princess… Arshelly has been… kidnapped…”


A terrifying silence filled the hall.

That was right.

A terrifying and shocking event had occurred.

[1] Arabic for "God is most great." Read more at:

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