Chapter 139. Fox Valley Siege (Pt. 2)

At Kang Chul-In’s confidence, Alaric was ticked off.

“Huh? As if!”

Alaric seemed as if he was going to climb up the walls, and rip Kang Chul-In to shreds.

“Just you wait, you arrogant mercenary! I’ll kill you, and rip your body to shreds before feeding you to my subordinates!”

“Shut up, puppy.”


“Be quiet, and close your mouth. I can smell the stench of you from up here.”

Kang Chul-In ridiculed Alaric.



“Stinky puppy!”

The other demi-humans up on the walls also laughed at Alaric.

Unlike what Alaric had expected, it seemed that the demi-humans of Fox Valley weren’t afraid.

It was one positive effect that the misunderstanding of Kang Chul-In being an Ancient Gold Dragon had.

“Y-Y-You guys!”

Alaric trembled in rage.

“Did you really think that we’d be afraid of you guys? Trash like you?”

Kang Chul-In ridiculed the allied forces of Alaric and Aleister once more.

“You should stop overestimating yourselves, and attack quickly. I don’t want to spend my time here fighting trash like you.”

That taunt signaled the beginning of the battle.

“Do you… really… think you’ll be safe on those...

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