Chapter 123. Plan for the ball, successful! (Pt. 1)

“W-What the hell did I just…”

“I must have heard that wrong.”

Lucia and Lee Chae-rin both muttered to themselves in astonishment.

Both women could not believe what Hecate had just said. 

I mean, who would?

If randomly, a woman just came and asked someone that she’d never met before to sleep with her, it would be hard to believe.

And… she wasn’t just asking to sleep with her, but to do it today. What kind of weirdo would do that?

Troublesome woman.

While Lee Chae-rin and Lucia fell into panic, Kang Chul-In smirked.  

Troublesome woman.

Those were words that would best sum up the kind of woman that Hecate was. No wonder in the past, Dorian would call Hecate the ‘female Kang Chul-In’.

“So, will you do it or not. Just tell me.”

Hecate stared at Kang Chul-In, like a cat looking at their prey.

Kang Chul-In’s answer to that was:

“I decline.”

Was obviously a no.

To that, both Lucia and Lee Chae-rin sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, Dorian got his left and right foot stepped on by Lucia and Lee Chae-rin, for saying “ahh, why? What a waste.”

“Why not?”

Hecate’s face stiffened. She looked as if she didn’t think she would get rejected.

“I’m not interested in you.”

“Ah, have I pushed too far?”

At this point, what Hecate hadn’t done is pushed too far, but had almost sexually harassed him.

“Good, not bad. I’m getting more...

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