Chapter 114. My dad is the best! (pt. 3)

The Rolls-Royce Ghost lived up to its name, making all the other cars that were parked nearby seemed as if they were stupid hunks of metal.

It wasn’t just the Rolls Royce that came though.

Soon after, 5 large and black sedans parked themselves in front of the Rolls-Royce. It seemed that they were stopping by on the way. 

As the front door was swung open, a bodyguard who had a Ω sign on him hurriedly moved back, and opened the door for a man to get out of the car. It was Park Seul-gi’s father, Park Chul-hwan. 

“I’ll be out soon, so just wait here for a bit.”

Expensive suit, large and muscular build, and a powerful first impression; Park Chul-hwan could be said to be charismatic.

“Yes, master.”

The bodyguard bowed his head, calling Chul-hwan his ‘master’.


Cho Eun-sil’s driver found Park Chul-hwan and spoke. 

“Is my wife here?”

“Yes, chairman.”

“Today’s friday, though.”

“I heard… that sire’s daughter had been hurt.”

“My… Seul-gi’s been hurt?”

“Yes… apparently while fighting with a friend…”

At the words that his daughter had been hurt, Park Chul-hwan immediately moved.

“You two over there, follow...

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