Chapter 999 (Teaser)

Should he thank Marie Rose? Or should he thank the empire for making him depend on Marie Rose?

‘I didn’t expect to become stronger in this way.’

The past Grid had half given up on sword energy. The method to obtain it was too vague. However, he was helped by the events that took place when he came to strengthen his relationship with Marie Rose. Cause and effect—as always, the concept of connection became Grid’s greatest strength and weapon.

‘Now, let’s see.’

Grid calmed down his joy and checked the information of the swordsmanship.

[Great Swordsman Pagma's Sword Dance Lv. 1]

[Increases physical attack by 40%, critical hit rate by 50%, and critical damage by 80%.

* This effect is only applied when a sword type weapon is equipped.

* Reduces the stride of the sword dance.

* You can create five fusion sword dances.

* Every time the skill level rises, the number of sword dances that can be created will increase.

* With this skill effect, you can only create four linked sword dances.]

[Wave Lv. 1]

[Unleash a violent sword dance like a high and powerful wave.

Inflicts 325% of your attack power to all enemies within 5 meters and reduces all speeds by 50%.

* A target that resists the affected state will only have a 19% reduction in movement speed.

* Once a target blocks, the ‘violent shockwave’ effect will occur and potentially create an ‘ignore defense’ effect.

Skill Usage Conditions: Have a sword type weapon equipped.

Skill Sword Energy Cost: 80

Skill Cooldown Time: 2 minutes.]

[Restraint Lv. 1]

[A restrained and understated sword dance.

Overwhelms the surroundings. Nobody can approach you for 3.5 seconds.

* A target that...

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