Chapter 993 (Teaser)

[All your beneficial effects are blocked!]

[All buffs that are in effect have been turned off!]

Grid emerged outside the battle while wearing an eyepatch. Damian fell into a sense of helplessness as their eyes met. It was a sense that his very existence was denied. Everything was empty. That’s right. Buffs were a typical beneficial effect that weren’t safe in front of the castration eye. There was the premise that it was subject to ‘probability’, but the castration eye was clearly one of the best evil eyes. 

Grid was shocked after finding out about Damian’s situation. ‘Wiping out buffs that have already been applied...?’

It wasn’t that he didn’t think of the correlation between beneficial effects and buffs. He just didn’t expect it to delete buffs that were already being applied.


500 mana was consumed when the evil eye was activated. The Slaughterer’s Eye Patch couldn’t control the evil eye. In fact, Grid was very frustrated because of these two difficulties. Now, this was enough to overcome the disappointment. No, he was excited to realize how lucky he was. Grid shook as he was given a distinct sense of purpose.

‘I should get more Ether Diamonds.’

It was originally a production material. In order to properly use the evil eye, it was better to acquire them. He already knew how to get the Ether Diamonds...

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