Chapter 992 (Teaser)

“You chose your own destiny. Okay. If this is Your Majesty’s will, I won’t stop you. My king, I—Poriorderporonopitonojiodebe—will implant an evil eye in you.”

Why was it that ‘Evil Eyes’ King’ floating on top of the king’s head instead of his real name? Grid had been secretly wondering, and now he knew why.

‘Is there a character limit?’

It was also difficult to remember. Let’s assume he didn’t hear the real name. “Please implant it in my left eye.”

“I understand. Don’t let the weight of your new destiny crush your soul.”

It happened while Grid’s hands and feet were curling up, cringing at the line. The evil eyes king covered Grid’s left eye with his small hand.

‘What type of evil eye will it be?’

Grid’s heart thumped. Believing in his good luck, Grid was 80% expectant and 20% anxious. He hoped that the evil eye would be the best one for him.

[The evil eyes king has used his power!]

[The evil eyes king will try to transplant an evil eye into you!]

[The system will analyze your game history and patterns. The current progress is 3%, 4%, 7%, 11%...]

‘The evil eye’s ability is closely related to the nature of the person it is being transplanted into...?’

The system seemed to grasp the player’s tendencies...

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