Chapter 991 (Teaser)

‘Poor little lamb (Agnus).’

From a mansion near the square, Lauel took advantage of the chaos and quickly sneaked into the square to watch. Lauel was happy and pleased because Agnus had shown the ideal response. He lost control over his reason and entrusted himself to madness, cutting off his connection with the Overgeared Kingdom by attacking Euphemina and Bullet. Agnus also declared that he would be hostile to the people (players) in the square and the seven kingdoms. He would slaughter all of them, even if he died a hundred times in the process. Refusing the hand of salvation held out by the Overgeared Kingdom, he was reborn as the strongest disaster to the potential enemies of the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘His level of quality is next to Grid and Faker.’

Lauel smiled and sent a whisper of retreat to Euphemina and Bullet. Bullet wanted to convince Agnus a bit more, but Lauel pretended not to know. Everything he did was for the Overgeared Kingdom, and Lauel was willing to trample on the thoughts of others. To others, Lauel might be a villain. The concept of conscience was extravagant for him, who carried tens of millions of lives on his b...

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