Chapter 989 (Teaser)

Youngwoo drank a lot the previous day, but the burden on his body was small. It was because he drank very slowly. This was the advantage of controlling his pace. 

“This is a hangover soup that Mother cooked.” Jishuka came and handed Youngwoo a bottle of water as he woke up. She was dressed comfortably, but it was a bit too comfortable. Her alluring collarbone and omitted were more alluring under her loose top.


It was a happy thing to face the sexy features of one of the world’s best beauties in the morning, but it was also a challenge. Jishuka watched as Youngwoo drank the bottle of water. “Aren’t we like newlyweds eating together in the morning?”

Pfft!” Youngwoo spat out the water and turned his gaze toward the window. It was toward Jishuka’s building that was completed a few days ago. “When are you moving in?”

“Once the interior is completed. The smell of plaster isn’t gone yet, and the furniture I ordered from Italy will come in 10 days. Are you unhappy because our time living together will soon be over? Shall I not go?”


‘Please go quickly.’

Jishuka’s aggressive behavior of clinging to him every time she spoke was both enjoyable and burdensome. He knew that South American beauties were supposed to be enthusiastic, but it was a difficult stimulus every morning.

“Your body is getting...

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