Chapter 983 (Teaser)

[Nefelina is checking your condition.]

[Nefelina believes that your stats are insufficient.]

Heok. Don’t tell me?’

What was the dragon’s blessing? Grid’s expectations swelled even more. The dragon was observing him seriously, and Grid thought she would make up for what he was lacking.

‘Will she increase my agility or intelligence?’

In fact, it was wrong to say that Grid was lacking power, especially among players of the same class. No, Grid’s average stats were so high that there was almost no one among the two billion players who had higher stats than him. Nevertheless, humans were animals who didn’t know how to be satisfied. Grid coveted more for his relatively scarce stats and hoped Nefelina would know his earnest heart. He had faith it would be possible with a great dragon.

However, the result was different from what he expected. Nefelina didn’t raise Grid’s stats.

[Nefelina has given you a blessing so you can overcome your deficiencies!]

[10% more experience will be gained when hunting monsters in the future!]

[20% more experience will be gained when hunting boss monsters in the future!]


That’s right. The...

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