Chapter 982 (Teaser)

“What about five each?”

“Three each.”

“Then four each?”

“Three each.”

“Three is too few.”

“Three each!”

“...I’ll think about it. Come back tomorrow.”

“Three each!”

“I told you to come back tomorrow!”


Surprisingly, Nefelina was very careful. During the negotiations, Nefelina didn’t use the power of a transcendent species nor did she threaten him by referring to it. Instead, she tried to find a line that would satisfy both parties involved.

“I heard that dragons consider all things in this world as insignificant. They are supposed to be cruel, selfish, and capricious from a human’s viewpoint, yet she is different from the story. Is she perhaps in a disadvantageous position? That she can’t grow without being beholden to us...?” This was Lauel’s guess.

However, Sticks stubbornly shook his head. “A dragon awakens most of their magic at the moment of birth. In fact, the space reconstruction magic that Nefelina maintains is something that ordinary human magicians can’t imitate. Additionally, to use it alone with polymorph... She is an existence that can live well enough without human help. 100 cows and pigs? She can slaughter...

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