Chapter 981 (Teaser)

[The Overgeared Kingdom has completely absorbed the evil eyes species.]

[The Overgeared Kingdom is the first one to achieve harmony with a demonkin species.]

[The Overgeared Kingdom’s national inclination has been changed from ‘ordinary’ to ‘no discrimination and prejudice’.]

[The name of the Overgeared Kingdom has started to be mentioned among the different species hiding all over the continent.]

[Maxong, the king of the water clan, is spreading the great accomplishments of the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[Some species are showing great interest in the Overgeared Kingdom.]

[King Grid of the Overgeared Kingdom has earned 100,000 reputation and title of ‘Different Species’ King’.]

[Special quests have been generated for players belonging to the Overgeared Kingdom!]

[Process of Understanding Each Other]

[Difficulty: E

Peaceful relations between the people will help maintain security and develop national power. Share your greetings with the evil eyes species, who have become new residents of the Overgeared Kingdom, and raise your affinity.

Quest Clear Conditions: Exchange more than 10 words with the evil eyes species. There are no level requirements.

Quest Failure Conditions: If you make a question mark appear over the head of the evil eyes people during a conversation, the quest will start again from the beginning.

Quest Clear Reward: Affinity with the evil eyes will rise marginally. Acquisition of Gauss Kingdom area information...

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