Chapter 980 (Teaser)


The ministers had died. The place where they barely built their lives had collapsed.

All the people who suffered because of their incompetent king, the Overgeared soldiers who struggled to help them, and those who died...

The evil eyes' king clenched his hands into small fists as he sat on his throne. The only thing he could do was destroy. It was impossible for him to protect others. This power was useless because it was too powerful.

“Are you the king of the evil eyes?”


The intruder asked him a question. As he approached, the smell of blood thickened. The evil eyes' king wanted to open his eyes and inflict the pain of eternity. He wanted to kill this intruder and soothe the grudge of his people. However, he remained patient. His lips were tightly closed from anger, and blood flowed from where he had bitten his lower lip.

He hadn’t forgotten the Overgeared prime minister Lauel’s words about how the White Dragon’s Eyes were dangerous and that he should never open his eyes. The will of those who fought for them, who were forsaken by their homes... He couldn’t break these things.

If he did now, he wouldn’t be able to face the souls of the Overgeared soldiers who had sacrificed themselves for him. He had to live.

“Not even resisting,” the intruder said in a ridiculing m...

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