Chapter 979 (Teaser)

Just like how some pets such as elementals didn’t have the concept of growth, Iyarugt didn’t have the growth concept of ‘level.’ This didn’t mean he was restricted or had limitations though. Rather, it meant that Iyarugt could grow through the process of restoring himself.

[* By winning in a battle against the strong, he can regain a feeling of life. The more he wins, the more he will regain his skills. (5/10)]

This was stated in Iyarugt’s status window. Every time he raided a named boss monster, he could break his limits and restore his strength. The power of Iyarugt’s current Sublime Sword was four times more powerful than Peak Sword’s Annihilate and was comparable to Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

Kuek...!” Apollo blocked the sword with a shield and couldn’t help groaning from the shock. His left arm that was holding the shield spun through the air.

“Captain!” The knights’ horrified cries rang out. A demonkin had suddenly appeared, and one of the knights’ captain’s arms was cut off. Apollo used the first aid skill Hit a Pressure Point available for a fourth advancement knight and asked in a resentful voice, “I don’t understand... The evil eyes are a species banished from hell. Why are you helping the demonkin?”

However, Iyarugt wasn’t a conversationalist. He was only interested in pursuing fighting skills. Iyarugt had no interest in other people’s positions, nor was he kind enough to explain his reaso...

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