Chapter 977 (Teaser)

‘This guy must be crazy!’

The biggest disadvantage of large-scale attack magic was that it couldn’t distinguish between targets. Of course, some spells were an exception but it was like that nine out of ten times. The Overgeared King’s summoning of lightning within a 200-meter-radius was a blatant declaration of war. In fact, his magic was damaging the bodies of the imperial soldiers.

The lightning magic was somehow familiar. It evoked a strange sense of deja vu as it generated magnetic force and caused her orb to shake. The sound of thunder in her ears confused her mind and disrupted the spell casting. Just before the lightning fell toward her head, Goldhit opened a shield that protected herself, only to feel confused.

‘It’s weak?’

Grid’s magic clearly contained something strange. It generated a magnetism that slowed down the pace of spell casting, so it definitely transcended the category of usual spells. However, the attack power was too weak. There was no need to stack 10 layers of shields. Two layers seemed to be enough. Goldhit was confused since she had long known that Grid possessed Braham’s soul.

‘Hasn’t he fully awakened the enhanced magic? No, he might be afraid...

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