Chapter 976 (Teaser)

It was the 20th day of protecting the evil eyes.

“Stop the futile resistance!”

“You are the only ones who will lose if you keep fighting!”

Today, the enemies had come. Like the enemies on the first day and the enemies yesterday, they appeared out of thin air. Based on their chatter, the invaders had a common characteristic. They mistakenly thought they were strong!

Ahahahat! Bring it on! We’re right here!”

“City guards! Overgeared Runman! Move!!”

“...Please don’t call us that.”

The Overgeared members were full of energy. The Vantner and Peak Sword duo were particularly excited. Compared to during the 10 days of boredom, they were now full of joy.

Peak Sword used a new skill, Five Combined Strikes. Iyarugt flashed five times, and five attackers died.

[The experience of Iyarugt has increased by 0.1%!]

“Good!” Peak Sword snorted. The battles that occurred every day not only improved his skill proficiency but also increased his item experience. As he made a satisfied expression, Vantner crushed the enemy’s head with the mace hidden behind his shield and asked in an incomprehensible manner, “Why are you so obsessed with Iyarugt?”

Eh? What are you suddenly saying?”

“Didn’t you get the gold medal rewards? If you ask Grid to make you a new sword with those materials, you can get a much stronger weapon than Iyarugt. Why are you sticking with it?”

In fact, Iyarugt had virtually been transferred to Peak Sword. It had been more than a year since he started using it as a flagship weapon and accumulating experience with it. It was very inefficient when considering that the experience rate of a growth item was slower than a snail. Wasn’t it possible...

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