Chapter 975 (Teaser)

Chris saw the odds of this mission succeeding as over 90%. There were four months remaining in the truce agreement with the empire. The agreement between nations was protected by the system, so the empire and Overgeared Kingdom were unable to attack each other. The Overgeared members were guarding the evil eyes' village, and the empire couldn’t attack wildly. Even if the empire invaded the village, the Overgeared members just needed to guard the gates, and they would be able to protect the evil eyes' king until Grid arrived.

‘These guys!’

However, the empire took actions that were different from what they had expected. The empire invaded the village indirectly by using external forces. Chris’ expression instantly darkened. ‘Those empire bastards intend to thoroughly consume our strength!’

He swung Grid’s greatsword quickly. The cross-shaped trajectory of the sword struck the upper bodies of the two assassins moving through the darkness and killed them. The assassins with low defense were easily killed by Chris, who had the most powerful attack power.

‘Dammit, it is a mess.’

Chris jumped to the nearby roof of the mansion and shook as he watched the whole city. There were battles...

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