Chapter 970 (Teaser)

Sigh... Sigh...

Slurp. Haaah...

“This is really...” Yura’s sweaty face was filled with pleasure. “It is really too delicious.”

Yura sucked up the last of the noodles. She didn’t know that instant noodles could be so delicious. Yura had never gotten the chance to experience it previously, so she didn’t know ramyun could be this delicious despite having read about it. Now that she tried it, she found it comparable to the chewy noodles and cool broth made by the chef of a five-star hotel. The flavor of the slightly unfamiliar seasoning stimulated the tip of her tongue, and a chill went down her spine.

“Additionally, you don’t need to wash ingredients and can cook it right away... It is simple...”

Feeling impressed, Yura wiped at her mouth with a napkin. It was a graceful gesture. It didn’t seem like she was eating Korean style Chinese food in a hotel but rather a fancy restaurant in France. On the other hand, Grid had the atmosphere of a local Korean restaurant. He buried his face in the bowl and was gulping down the soup. Kyah~ good.”

Grid truly admired the taste of the ramyun he made. The amount of water had been just right, the eggs had been placed 1 minute and 45 seconds before turning off the...

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