Chapter 966 (Teaser)

Kraugel—the one with achievements and a reputation for being beyond humans in different areas—was running away. He gained as much distance from Grid as possible. From the moment the effectiveness of Control Sword failed, it became hard for Kraugel to handle the four moving golden hands.

The God Hands wielded the hammer regardless of terrain or land. In Kraugel’s field of view, Grid moved closer while being covered with the 100% accumulated fighting energy. Grid now overwhelmed Kraugel in both strength and agility.

A sword shot out from Kraugel’s inventory. This was the deployment of Control Sword. It shot out and hit Grid. Then it got tangled up with the Blue Dragon Sword Breaker and shattered. Several swords had already disappeared. The battle was outrageously destructive. A more accurate representation was that Grid was one-sidedly destroying things. He pushed Kraugel easily with the power of the God Hands while shattering Kraugel’s sword with the sword breaker. Grid was like a god of destruction.

-...This is being overgeared.

-Isn’t this a new work created by Grid? I wish he would mass produce it and sell it to me. 

-Then I would sell my house to buy it.

-Do you live in a house worth 20 billion?


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