Chapter 964 (Teaser)

A person who was praised—there was no saying that was better used to describe Yura. She had a great background and talent that encompassed all disciplines. Yura wasn’t arrogant, and she had an upright character and an unparalleled beauty. Every innate element of hers made her shine.

Her achievements in Satisfy became her wings, and the responsibility she had shown by participating in the 1st National Competition alone while other Korean rankers had been absent made her a role model for others. Praise poured toward her constantly, and Yura had also been proud of herself. She had believed that she was doing well enough.

Yet these thoughts changed after she met Grid. Grid was a completely different type of person from Yura. He had lagged behind in luck and talent while suffering from countless adversities. He must’ve fallen down countless times from setbacks and accusations and fallen asleep with tears.

However, he hadn’t given up. Rather, he was tempered like steel. He had looked at the top of a hill when others were looking at the top of a mountain. While other people climbed 10 steps, he had taken one step. He hadn’t stopped while others rested. Instead, he had gone up slowly but steadily.

All types of misfortunes had grabbed...

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