Chapter 962 (Teaser)

‘Did he intentionally design this situation?’

Since the moment Grid was hit by Charging Shot, Jishuka had been filled with an anxiety that was difficult to express clearly. The timing of the magic machine’s explosion was perfect. Grid exposed a large gap in his defense, and the players didn’t miss this opportunity. Hundreds of scattered players gathered around Grid.

They fell into the trap. From the moment that Charging Shot hit, Grid had this current development in mind.

“He is becoming sexier.” Jishuka shivered as she recalled the scene of five Grids in red armor. Her beautiful face turned red, and a rough breath emerged from the gap in her lips. She wanted to try dissecting Grid’s skull. Even the folds in his brain seemed sexy.

Masquerading as the Demon King, Grid stared at Jishuka. Jishuka’s blush thickened. She trembled from extreme excitement.


Approximately 80 players had survived. Most of the Overgeared members—including Chris and Peak Sword—might’ve been killed, but there were still many strong players such as Damian and Zibal with his magic machine. Despite this, Grid was looking...

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