Chapter 960 (Teaser)

-The American trio is trolling. ㅡㅡ; 

This was the overall reaction. Kraugel was watching the situation from the sidelines. Zibal had spread wrong information, which caused the situation to deteriorate. Haster had flown toward the Demon King head-on and gotten killed, contributing to the lowered morale.

...Their actions just seemed pathetic. Their enthusiastic fans couldn’t even defend them, and the Americans felt ashamed.

“Are we going to lose?”

“Of course. How can anyone beat that?”

Haster’s useless death was the breaking point for the hopes of the viewers. Now, the people had reached a stage where they thought it was impossible to beat the Demon King. Hundreds of millions of viewers watched and sympathized with the players who were like clowns against the ‘undefeatable’ enemy.

Just as the Demon King was driving in the wedge, the huge giant fell to one knee. Perhaps there was a problem in the process of using magic. The Demon King stood on top of its head in a steady manner and declared in a dismal voice, “All of you will die.” 

A skill that dealt 60% of his attack power 30 times in total to all targets within 10 meters (not targeted) and had a cooldown time of 10 minutes—it was 100,000 Army Massacre Sword. Originally,...

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