Chapter 958 (Teaser)

The crowd and viewers cheered after seeing Raiders descend. Yura and Chris were the strong rankers who hadn’t been able to cope against this white giant, and everyone believed that it would rise and smash the Demon King. It was the same with the other players. The players, who started to doubt victory after seeing a stronger than expected Demon King, once again felt hopeful.

This was due to the presence of the magic machine, Raiders. It was a great presence that could dispel the frustration and despair of its allies.

“Go, Zibal!”

“Zibal! Please win!”


Humanity united with one heart as they chanted one person’s name. At this moment, Zibal achieved his dream of becoming the protagonist of the world. Raiders knelt like a knight making a pledge. Zibal stepped on its feet and knees, jumping toward the boarding seat in the middle of its chest and roared, “Believe in me!!”

21 seconds—this was the maximum amount of time that Zibal could activate Raiders. Nevertheless, Raiders' attack power was in the ten thousands. Its agility might be low, but its body and weapon were so large that the attack accuracy was high. Furthermore, Zibal’s class was ‘Ancient Rider.’ He had the unique ability to amplify the performance of his mounts.

Zibal didn’t doubt the damage he could inflict on the Demon King if he operated Raiders to the limit. It wasn’t false confidence. This was a confidence he had gained after directly...

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