Chapter 957 (Teaser)

[The party member ‘Mei Xiao’ has died.]



The players were either disgusted or furious as they witnessed Mei Xiao falling without being able to resist. It wasn’t because they made friends with Mei Xiao during the short period of the National Competition though. Rather, it was because Mei Xiao had the power to persistently bind the opponent. She was one of the powers necessary to defeat the Demon King.

This was why Grid had suppressed the players’ movements with 100,000 Army Blockade Sword and snatched Mei Xiao instead of harming as many players as possible. Grid had recognized Mei Xiao as a threatening opponent and hit her as soon as possible to increase his chances of winning.

‘I won’t fall until I am left alone with you.’

Grid looked through the gray pillar, which was created due to Mei Xiao’s death, and gazed at Kraugel who was standing far away. A great number of blasts were heard as he used Fly. Dozens of arrows, daggers, and spears flooded toward Grid. The fortunate thing was that in this urgent situation, there was no magic. None of the magicians aimed attack spells at Grid. It was thanks to the effect of Duke of Wisdom that was properly activated during the Demon King’s Appearance, giving the distorted perception that ‘using magic against the Demon King will be poisonous.’

Lantier’s Cloak reduced the damage done by physical attacks such as stabbing, cutting, and throwing attacks by 20%, and it also had a 10%...

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