Chapter 956 (Teaser)

Grid knew the most efficient way to break a group. The Seven Guilds, the Immortal Guild, the Eternal Kingdom, the Saharan Empire, the vampires, the Red Knights, and so on—he had struggled against so many groups that it would be sad if he hadn’t acquired some methods. Grid had been learning slowly but steadily. It wasn’t uncommon.

[You have put the Sweet Candy in your mouth.]

[All stats will increase by 30% for 5 minutes until the candy is melted.]

[Blacksmith's Rage has been used. Attack power has increased by 25%, and attack speed has increased by 40% for one minute.]

The moment the players entered through the door with a terrible sound—as if recreating the screams of the four heavenly kings—he brought out all of his power. Fear...

A group of people could easily collapse when their most primitive emotions were provoked. This simple and dishonest emotion spread quickly.

‘Pinnacle Kill.’

It was a skill that dealt 2,000% of his attack power.

“Death Penalty.”

It had a different name though. This was an example of the greatness of the power of language. Seuron hurriedly moved his sword when he saw the attack, but he couldn’t stop it. The Demon King’s sword turned in a direction that was impossible and...

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