Chapter 954 (Teaser)

Time was given to the participants of the Demon King subjugation event to have a meeting. 

They were given 20 minutes. This period of time was not allowed for the four heavenly kings. The cooldown time of the four heavenly kings was frozen in place for 20 minutes. Of course, this time didn’t apply to Grid either. Grid’s accumulated health buff and blacksmithing work also stopped.

“We should have players from the top 20 countries like China, the United States, and Canada all in one team.” This was the opinion of China’s Zhang Jian. “We wanted to secure a few more medals, so the strong people of each country were divided between different teams. It is right to concentrate strength in one team instead of dispersing it.”

“You want to discard the other three teams?”

“Yes, one team can break through the four heavenly kings. Isn’t that the surest way? The players of the other three teams... They will have a chance to win a medal when meeting the Demon King.”

This meeting scene was being broadcasted around the world in real time. The attention and focus of the world were still on the Demon King subjugation event, and...

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