Chapter 951 (Teaser)

The guardian, Benz, leaped forward. The ground that she stepped on formed a big dent and produced a loud explosion. It was an exaggerated phenomenon caused by the weight of her armor and shield, but it was right to interpret it as a transcendental strength.

“She’s coming!”

The nervous Group B players pulled out their weapons in unison. A sandy wind swirled around them as they watched the knight rise high into the sky. This was a wide-range protection spell used by the earth magician, Goshar. It seemed he wanted to make up for his failure at the beginning.

“I’ll stop her, so attack in that gap!” The German ranker, Weldon, came to the forefront. Benz’ red sword fell onto his shield. It was a stab. There were no problems up to here. Weldon was ranked 6th on the guardian knight rankings. He was like steel as he set up his shield. The problem was the stab that came immediately afterward had the power to turn the steel into tofu. There was a heavy sound, and Weldon’s shield was dented.

‘The weight increased?’

He wasn’t mistaken. The damage rose while the weight of the sword also increased rapidly. Weldon’s wrists were broken from the weight that he couldn’t manage.


A large number of people came forward. They released their skills, wielded swords and spears, fired arrows, or threw daggers. Half of them were blocked by Benz’ side shield. The other half were blocked by the line of Benz’ sword. Simultaneously, Benz’ sword released...

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