Chapter 948 (Teaser)

[The audience voting has ended.]

[The winner of the most votes is the Demon King.]

“What? What nonsense is this?”

It was an absurd notification window. Some players responded violently.

“A monster was included in the voting? Does this make sense? Why are they playing around with busy people?”

“Don’t you know the nature of those S.A people? They didn’t want to pay the compensation so they included the Demon King in the voting. They played us.”

They were all elites who represented their country. No one cursed due to the weight of the stage called the National Competition. However, the atmosphere was terrible enough that it wouldn’t be strange if there was cursing. The Demon King wasn’t a player and it was right for him to be excluded from the voting. In the first place, they wouldn’t have let the Demon King have an active role if they knew he was included in the voting.

It was the logic of the players. They protested that they shouldn’t recognize the Demon King’s votes. However, the S.A Group’s reply was, “We never said the voting was limited to players.”

The S.A Group that moved according to its own rules was famous for being a ‘wall’ and their logic couldn’t be refuted. Furthermore, this situation was a positive for the majority of players. It was better for none of them to benefit than for one outstanding player to monopolize the rewards.

The players studied Kr...

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