Chapter 945 (Teaser)


[The target has received 44,099 damage.]

[The target has suffered irreversible damage! All stats are reduced by 20% and all speeds are reduced by 50%!]

[The target has resisted.]

[The cutting has failed.]

[The target has exposed his weakness! If you hit the target within 30 seconds, an unconditional critical hit will be applied! The critical damage applied will be 1.5 times higher!]



[Your powerful sword has separated the world!!!]


The Hero’s stance collapsed. He knelt down and a fountain of blood spurted from his chest and was absorbed into the red tail, as if the red tail was seeking more blood. This was an attack that ignored a certain amount of defense, dealt additional damage in proportion to the current health of the target, unconditionally applied a critical hit and had a high probability of activating the cutting effect.

The destructive power of Space Sword decreased the Hero’s health gauge by five bars. The Hero immediately recovered a considerable amount of health due to the First King title but it was obviously huge damage due to the consumption value.

It happened when the gods were restoring the split apart world. Kraugel was used to the bitter taste of the potion that he had taken several times already and used White Light Steps. The Hero’s red-purple aura was at its peak so Kraugel wanted to avoid a long battle.

A fierce battle ensued. The Hero used the silver thread in cooperation...

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