Chapter 943 (Teaser)


There were doubts, amazement, silence and cheers. These were the reactions of the crowd filling Beijing Olympic Stadium. However, the American audience was still at the stage of doubt.

“What? Why is Kraugel here? Weren’t articles released yesterday about how he was going to participate in PvP?”

“Yes. I read the article and naturally thought he would be in PvP...”

"He won’t appear in PvP and will instead participate in the Demon King Subjugation?”

"Wouldn’t he be crazy if he didn’t?”


The American audiences started to notice the circumstances. Third-rate media outlets wrote provocative articles that Kraugel, Zibal and Haster would participate in PvP. They wanted huge traffic and wrote random things instead of the ‘truth’ that other media outlets released. The responsibility would be poured toward the third-rate media outlets so other companies took the opportunity to raise their traffic. Thus, the Americans were hooked by the large number of false articles.

"Aren’t the reporters a complete disgrace? I didn’t sleep yesterday because I was reading the report.”

“Me too. I couldn’t sleep because it felt like two gold medals were flying away. Thanks...

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