Chapter 942 (Teaser)

"The president is expecting you.”

"Do I look like a failure?”

“Haha. Your expression is aggressive. He just expects you to return to your original position.”


Yura couldn’t say that this would never happen. Her tightly closed coral lips showed no signs of shaking and the middle-aged man bowed deeply before leaving.

Yura was reminded of the meeting with her grandfather three months ago.

"Let’s end this child’s prank and come home. It is enough to play for five years.”

"It isn’t a joke or playing around. Grandfather, don’t you know that Satisfy is a business dominating the world?”

"The business is done by those who created and are operating Satisfy. You are just one player. It is ridiculous if your pride is based on the tens of billions of won you earned as a player. You are just one of the billions of components making up the S.A Group.”

One part. A consumable that could be replaced by anyone. Yura didn’t deny it. She wasn’t Grid or Kraugel. She had realized a long time ago that she wasn’t a special person. This didn’t mean she intended to give up easily.

Home was a place where she couldn’t breathe. It was a cold and scary place. At her parents’ funeral, she couldn’t even see anyone’s ...

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