Chapter 941 (Teaser)

“Has the South Korean DNA been resurrected?”

There was an upset in the 4th National Competition, even though Grid wasn’t playing for South Korea. Despite predictions that South Korea wouldn’t perform well, the small country of the east had already won two gold medals. South Korea’s first gold medal was won by Yura in ‘Drawing the Saint Sword’, while Coke won the second gold medal in ‘Recapture the Mine.’

“Coke is a monster. From a new rookie to a survivor of Battlefield and the gold medal winner in Recapture the Mine? He is a different person on the genetic level. He is a super ultra genius.”

Battlefield and Recapture the Mine were completely different events. Battlefield was a game focused purely on individual skill while Recapture the Mine was a commanding game where they had to deliver orders to 20 miners in real time and develop a strategy.

Coke’s debut in two different events was overly gorgeous. It might not be as spectacular as Grid’s and Kraugel’s debut, but it could be evaluated as the next best level.

“Yura, Grid, Peak Sword, Jokbal, and now Coke... Look at the skills of the South Korean rankers who have appeared in the past few years. The number of people with SSS-grade talent might only be enough to win a few gold medals, but isn’t this the power of DNA? Kraugel is also a Korean person.”

Many foreign players were agitated. They had stated that this year’s South Korea wasn’t a threat. Thus, Coke’s emergence was a headache. In every interview the foreign...

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