Chapter 939 (Teaser)

‘Is it the 5th pope...? No, it can’t be. That’s impossible.’

5th Pope Franz—he was said to be close to Pagma and the true master of the Holy Light set. It wasn’t a false history. Pagma was the maker of the Holy Light set. Furthermore, Pagma had sealed the Rebecca Church’s three artifacts as a favor to Franz. The relationship between the two men was likely to be deeper than what was known.

‘I can’t seal the soul of a close friend into a sword unless I am crazy...’

Grid shook his head to dispel such absurd suspicions. Pagma had a history of killing a friend called Braham. It didn’t make sense to place him in the category of an ordinary person.

“Are you Pope Franz?” Grid questioned. He was hoping for an answer, no matter how unlikely it was. Grid hoped that Pagma wasn’t as bad as he imagined. Unfortunately, the holy sword’s answer was ‘YES.’

-I’m surprised that you can guess who I am. You are truly a person associated with Pagma. You must be very familiar with Pagma. You can use Pagma’s power, right?

The voice of the holy sword was clear...

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