Chapter 938 (Teaser)

From the first time Grid met him, Braham had already been in an incomplete state. He had lost his life and his physical body, with only his soul still surviving. Braham hated the god who had cursed his mother, and he cursed the friend who had betrayed him. His fragmented soul burned with the fire of rage.

Nevertheless, Braham wasn’t insignificant. He was a flame that could never be put out. His soul fragments had endless power and courage, all of which evoked Grid’s reverence. Braham had been able to exist in this world despite his imperfect form. This absolute figure was the legendary great magician, Braham.

Now, a few years had passed, and the Braham whom Grid met was different. Braham’s soul fragments were weak and shabby. They seemed like flames that were about to go out. Braham didn’t burn anymore. His smaller soul pieces looked like ashes left behind after death.  

He had forced Grid to submit, seen the whole world, and dominated the Red Sea with one spell. Yet the dignity of this legendary great magician had disappeared for no reason. Why—

“...Why did you leave me?” Grid’s smiling and crying face crumpled. Now he was only crying. He even felt angry. “You look so shabby.” 

Braham’s strength...

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