Chapter 937 (Teaser)

At the Sword Grave, the word ‘grave’ had two meanings. It contained the works which Pagma had produced in his later years, and it was also Braham’s grave. The Sword Grave was a place with a deep connection to two former legends. It was likely to be one of the most significant places for Satisfy’s worldview, and therefore, Skunk’s Expedition Group were obsessed with the Sword Grave.

The moment they uncovered the mystery of the Sword Grave would be equivalent to when they uncovered the main Yatan Temple. No, maybe they could get even greater fame and riches for the Sword Grave. Skunk wanted to buy his own plane to travel around the world, Dog Woman wanted medical facilities that could prolong her terminally ill brother’s life, and Crocodile wanted to display more than 10 supercars in her garage. 

Yes. Skunk’s Expedition Group had invested a year in the Sword Grave.

...And this would have continued until an uninvited guest appeared.


The person wore a crown on black hair and had a high nose. He had eyes as fierce as a bird of prey, and he had a muscular body that couldn’t be hidden...

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