Chapter 936 (Teaser)

It was rare for high rankers to think they were inferior. They were normally confident in their great talent and believed that the gap between their ranking and that of others was a calamity caused by various variables which took place over time. The gap between the rankers was as thin as a piece of paper, and even that was caused by various variables and ‘luck’. This assertion of the high rankers came from true faith.

However, that was until last year. The high rankers’ beliefs were shaken during the three national competitions. They realized just how arrogant their claims were. The rumored sky above the sky—Kraugel—showed off his skills to the world, and Grid—who was thought to be a lucky person—showed great progress year after year. The high rankers didn’t have the same level of talent, and they had to admit there was a clear difference between them.

“I was going to completely abandon the PvP this year.” There was a man who carried a name that ‘promised victory.’ He was Bubat. Bubat had been defeated by Grid multiple times and recognized Grid’s ability more quickly than anyone el...

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